Friday, June 10, 2011

Safari Association of Ilwaco

We met a fellow along the way with Washington plates -- which meant, of course, that Forry would go visit with him... He told us about where he stayed when he was back in Washington. Safari Association of Ilwaco is a private park on the south end of Long Beach just outside of Ilwaco. You "buy" a lot in the park, then pay annual dues for maintenance. Since we have been sort of looking for a place we might like to settle in for part of the year, we decided to go take a look. There are several lots for sale along with the trailers or park models that are on them. And there were a few that were just the lots --

While the Park is in a pretty much treed area, most of the lots are actually quite open.

We kind of liked a couple of the lots that were located on corners -- they were a bit bigger than the other lots and didn't feel quite so closed in...

This lot already had a shed built on it as well as a privacy fence on the back portion --

The lady who showed us around and the people we met all seemed to be awfully friendly. In contrast to some of the parks we've been at in Arizona, the ladies didn't all look like they had just left the beauty shop -- and there is NO beauty shop on the property!

We spent more time looking around then we had planned, so unfortunately we had to stop in Long Beach to have crab for supper. Delicious!

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