Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amazing Creations - Junction City

Last January when we were in Quartzite at the Alpine Coach Associations Desert Rat Rally, we had an opportunity to tour other people's coaches and see some of the remodeling they had had done. We had been thinking about how to make desk space in Auntie Violet, but hadn't quite figured it out. A couple of the coaches we looked at had taken out the dining table and replaced it with a built-in desk and file drawers. We were very impressed with the workmanship done by a couple of fellows from Junction City, Oregon and had them come take a look at Auntie Violet. They had some good ideas about what to do and we ended up ordering a desk, file cabinets, a cabinet for DVDs and a map floor cabinet.

And now Auntie Violet is parked in the parking lot of the workshop in Oregon, awaiting her appointment in the morning to her table removed and have it all installed. We got a look at the furniture in the shop when we got here this afternoon -- it is gorgeous! It's cherry to match what's already in the coach. At this point, it is lighter, but the cherry darkens as it ages.

Auntie Violet settled in for the night --

The shop across the parking lot --

The fellows were putting a new maple floor in a coach this afternoon, replacing the tile. It was really sharp looking. That's the next thing I'd like to do -- someday!

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