Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nampa, Idaho

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday Auntie Violet was feeling very lonesome as the only RV for many hours at the RV Park in Snowville. Today she's one of over 80 at Garrity RV Park here in Nampa!

We took Interstate 84 across the southern portion of Idaho as far as Nampa. We will stay here for a few days so that we can attend the Idaho MCC Auction on Saturday. We also want to visit our youngest daughter's in-laws in Parma while we are in the area.
Today was a day of sunshine, snow and rain squalls and wind. It was extremely windy when we arrived at the RV Park and the manager was anxious to get us parked and settled before it started to hail. It did hail a few miles away, but fortunately that squall veered away and missed us. We had frozen water hoses this morning in Snowville and the manager said it would most likely be below freezing here tonight as well.

This really interesting weather vane is on the roof of a building just outside the park - isn't it neat?

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