Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm Feeling Blue...

I would/should be in Kansas City right now. The Biennial Mennonite Church Assembly started today. I made a decision the week after Forry's surgery that it would be better for both of us if I didn't go. I stand by that being the wisest decision, but can't help but feel a bit left out when I read the comments on FaceBook about some of the happenings.

I did get a text from Son-in-law Todd this morning telling me that a Readers' Theatre script I had written for an Executive Board meeting was used to open worship this morning. That did my heart good - especially since he said I was given credit for it.

It's otherwise been a good day today. It was hot again, but we kept the A/C running until late this evening. It's been three weeks since Forry's surgery. He said this morning that he felt the best he had since before he had surgery.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cabin Fever

Other than the trip to the doctor, Forry has been pretty much cooped up in the RV since he got home from the hospital. He's more than ready to start venturing out a bit. We had planned to meet up with our friends Colleen and Dennis for an early dinner this evening. They are on their way to a 4th of July gig in Montana and we had planned to meet up for a short visit. But, they are once again fighting nasty colds, so elected not to chance passing them on to us. Bummer!

So instead, I took Forry with me when I went down to the office to pay the next month's rent. Instead of walking, I drove down, then he got out of the car and walked to the office with me. We talked about going next door to McD's for ice cream, but neither of us had brought our wallets.

This evening I drove over the two blocks or so to Patty's Taco Truck 2 to get dinner and again took him with me. He walked from the car to the truck to order a steak quesadilla, then walked back to sit down and wait until my taco and his quesadilla were ready. I think he just enjoyed getting out of the house.

We've had a couple of very warm showers today which have lowered the temperature outside by about five degrees. It was raining when I was out emptying the tanks and taking out the garbage and recyclables. The rain drops were so warm, they weren't even refreshing!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another Scorcher

The thermometer read 110 degrees this afternoon - in the shade! That's hot!

It was hot when we woke up this morning and it just kept getting hotter. We thought briefly about going down to Menno to church, but I could imagine what might happened if we had car troubles coming or going in this kind of heat.

So we stayed home, ran the A/C and kept cool.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another Quiet Day

Other than doing the exercises the Physical Therapist prescribed for him yesterday, we really didn't do a lot today. We slept in this morning, which was very nice.

As expected, it got extremely hot today. At one time our thermometer, in the shade, read 109 degrees. That is just too hot as far as I am concerned. It's supposed to be as hot or hotter tomorrow, then start to cool down into the high nineties...

It was after nine o'clock this evening before the temperature inside and outside equalized so that I could shut off the A/C and open the windows.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Another VERY Hot Day

It was another VERY hot day today. I was up early trying to get things done before it got too hot and before the Physical Therapist was supposed to get here at 10. Bed made, floor swept, garbage out, recyclables out, water in, tank emptied. Whew! It was already getting hot by 8 AM!

The therapist was a little late, but she had some more exercises for Forrest to try. I don't think she "gets" Forry's deadpan sense of humor. He can say things with a perfectly straight face. Even after knowing him for almost sixty years, I get taken in sometimes. He does everything she suggests to him, but not without grumbling. I looked for his "Grumpy" hat for him to wear while she was here, but it's out in the car. I think I'll make sure it's in the house when she comes next week...

Sister Sherry said that she was making chicken pasta salad with leftover chicken for supper. I had a couple of cans of chicken that I had bought for making soup, so took her idea and made a salad with it instead.

It's after nine o'clock and it's still 88 degrees outside. There are a few clouds around, so maybe it won't be as hot as they're predicting this weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Visit to the Surgeon

It's been two plus weeks since Forry's back surgery. Today we went to see the surgeon for his first post-op visit. The nurse removed what steri-strips were left on his two incisions, then clipped the knots on the sutures on each end. After that, the x-ray tech came to take some pictures of his back.

The first thing I thought when I saw the x-rays was how much hardware there was now in his back! There are rods and screws on the back side of his spine and cages and wedges on the front side. When Dr. Powers came in, he went over what he had done and compared today's pictures with the ones taken before surgery. You could easily see how much the nerve spaces have been opened up. The doctor seemed quite pleased with the way things were going and the healing process. He wants to see Forry for another set of x-rays at the end of July.

Forry handled the travel very well. We made a stop at the Group Health Pharmacy and I even picked up a few groceries. He stayed in the car with the windows open while I ran my errands.

It was also an exciting day in the middle of the country. Granddaughter Havela posted a picture of her new engagement ring from Ben! Congratulations to them both!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Progress

My mantra these days seems to be, "Each day is a little bit better."

Today Forry tried using a cane instead of the walker. It is a big step as in the confined area of the RV, a cane takes up a whole lot less space than a walker. It made it a lot easier to get him showered as well. We actually accomplished it today without wetting down the floor in the hallway.

Each day gets a little bit better...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Each Day Is a Little Better

If there's a lesson in all of this, it has to do with patience. I am reminded of the tongue in cheek prayer we used to hear when our children were small, "Lord give me patience - and I need it right now!" I have to look back at last week to realize that Forry has made significant process in his recovery. Last night he actually slept in our bed instead of his recliner. That meant he has gained enough strength to sit up in the bed without having the arms of the chair for support.

We spent a bit of time this afternoon doing the exercises the physical therapist had prescribed. He grumbled at me a bit, but I reminded him how he had pushed me to do my exercises when I had my knee surgeries.

There is a taco truck, Patty's Taco Truck II, parked in a lot a couple of blocks further down Sprague Avenue from us. We've talked about checking it out a couple of times. Forry suggested tonight's dinner might be a good time. I suggested that maybe he could try going down the steps to outside and going for a ride in the car with me (sort of a dress rehearsal for our upcoming trip to the doctor on Thursday.).

He did it slowly, but he did it! And the tacos were very good too.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Very Busy Day

After our quiet weekend, today was very busy! The nurse from the Home Health Agency called a little after nine to set up an appointment and the Physical Therapist called a few minutes later. The Physical Therapist (not the one who was here last week doing the PT evaluation, a different one) went over the sitting exercises Forry did last week, then started on some standing ones. She was working on his balance and strengthening his calves. She also focused on straightening his back. Because it eased the constriction in his back, he has been walking somewhat stooped over. Now he has to relearn how to stand and walk straight.

Shortly after the PT left, the nurse showed up. She basically took his vital signs and checked his incisions. Everything is looking good, so she has basically signed off unless something else comes up. Forry was very tired after she left - he hasn't been anywhere near this active since his surgery.

I was busy this morning too. I emptied both the black and grey tanks, took out the garbage and the recyclables. Then I looked for Jace, the handyman/gardener, to tell him about the wasps who were busily building their nests in the eaves of the building next to us. Not liking the critters any better then I do, he very shortly showed up with some wasp spray to take care of them.

Needing a few things I didn't get when I was at Safeway a couple of days ago, I went over to Fred Meyer later this afternoon. I've only been there once several years ago, and I was impressed today. Their fresh fruit and vegetables were very nice AND they are also sort of a department store as well as a pharmacy. Sort of all in one place shopping. Since they are only a couple of blocks away, I may shop there more often. But one of the things I went after was paper towels. I bought and paid for them (they're on the sales slip), but they didn't come home with me. I know I took the empty cart over to the cart corral, so the only thing I can think is that they never got from the check stand to the cart...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another Quiet Day

We spent another quiet day today. We are keeping activity to a minimum, only doing PT exercises. Forry seems to have gotten a handle on the pain which is a major relief to both of us.

We watched part of the US Open and the Mariners game, napped and read a bit. I fixed the last of the frozen crab cakes for dinner. That was about the extent of our day.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quiet Day

It was a quiet day. One more day of rest, some exercises prescribed by PT, and mainly recuperating,

Friday, June 19, 2015


I was very concerned about doing it, but I did leave Forry alone for a couple of hours this afternoon while I went to get much needed groceries. I debated for quite a while, but he promised me he would behave, so I went...

We did get showers this morning. I am so glad the shower in the RV has a built-in seat. It's a good sized shower, but not big enough to put a regular shower chair in there. I was almost as wet as Forry was by the time we finished his shower, but we got the job done.

It was a bit cooler today. It only got up to the high eighties, but I understand we are supposed to have another heat wave next week.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

And Today It's Occupational Therapy

For some reason, mid-mornings seem to be the hardest for Forry. He's been sleeping through the night okay and is fine when he first wakes up. But by ten AM the past two days, he's miserable. Medication doesn't seem to help, it's just a tough time.

We got a call from a lady from Occupational Therapy this morning saying she had had a cancellation and could she come over in about fifteen minutes? That's the last thing we really needed at that point, but I was nice and said sure. She said OT has to do with the activities of daily living instead of the physical body like PT. She was nice enough, but I can't say that she added much to the conversations. She basically checked out the same things that the nurse and the physical therapy had done the days before...

Her big message was "conservation of energy," little gems like not tackling more than one project a day, resting between activities etc.

I think I was feeling a bit crabby, so I may not have been as receptive as I could have been. Forry liked her, so that's what matters. But, he got a good night's sleep and I didn't!

We got new neighbors yesterday afternoon, just for the night. Right after they arrived, they were out washing their tow car and the front of the RV. When I said "Hello" as I was taking out the garbage, she remarked that "it was such a necessary task every day that they traveled." What the heck, washing the car every day? Oh well, to each his own...

But I made the mistake of leaving the bedroom window open. I'm not sure when, or even if, they slept. I know he woke me up about 2:30 banging around doing something in one of his bays. Then an hour or so later, he was working on a slide when it was barely light out. They actually left around 7:30, all the time hollering back and forth at each other as they got ready to leave and hooked up their toad. I guess no one ever told them about quiet time...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Today It's Physical Therapy

We had a good night's sleep last night. Forry slept through until after 7:30, then slept for another hour or so. It was good to get the good night's sleep that we both needed.

Today's visitor was the Physical Therapy Evaluator. While she did review some exercises for him to start on, she mainly was checking to see where he was and decide what she thought he might be needing. Evidently, our Group Health insurance has approved 1-3 PT visits a week for the next month.

Because Forry is using a walker, I have picked up all of the throw rugs - the ones in the bathroom, in front of the kitchen sink and in front of the refrigerator - so that he doesn't trip over them. It sure changes the look of the place.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Visiting Nurse

Today didn't start out real well, Forry woke me up about 4 AM in pain and needing help. As the morning went on, he started feeling better. He sort of snoozed while I took out the garbage and recyclables, drained the tanks and did some laundry. There was an early ball game today (that we didn't win!) that occupied us for a while.

At two o'clock or so, a nurse from Providence's Visiting Nurse Association showed up. She had called earlier in the day saying she had been authorized by Group Health to pay us a couple of follow-up visits. I was a bit skeptical at first - after all, I am an RN, albeit retired for many years - but it was nice to have another set of eyes checking things out.  She reviewed Forry's meds with me, took his temp, checked his vital signs, looked at his incisions, generally did an overall review.

Sounds like she, or one of her colleagues, plans to return again on Monday. We will also be getting some evaluation visits from Physical and Occupational Therapy. It sounds like this is all part of making sure that there are few, if any, re-admissions to the hospital. Things have really changed - for the better, I think.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Day Six - We Get to Come Home!

I was up at five and back in at the hospital by seven. There was a parade of people coming through. The Orthopedic PA came and wrote his discharge orders; the Cardiologist came and visited and wrote a prescription and made arrangements for a Holter monitor for early July; and most importantly, the Physical Therapist came in, took Forry up and down the stirs sideways, then signed off that she considered him safe to go home.

Then it took another couple of hours. Apria had to deliver and fit Forry's new walker. It was just before noon by the time the orders had been processed and we were free to go. The lady from the Transport Team came with a wheelchair and a cart to haul Forry and all his flowers and other stuff downstairs while I went to get the car.

We made a detour by Group Health so that I could go in and get the prescriptions filled, then headed out towards the RV park. The PT's idea of going up the stairs sideways worked very well. I think Forry was very glad to finally relax in his recliner.

We are very thankful for all the good thoughts and prayers that have been offered on our behalf. Blessings to all of you!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Think It's Day 5...

And I'm tired. I came home for the night as I needed to do some laundry for Forry. But I can hardly keep my eyes open as I wait for the washer.

We had a quiet night. We both were asleep by 9 PM. Probably a good thing as the lab guy showed up at 2:30 AM. The cardiologist ordered a whole bunch of tests after he came by to examine Forry, trying to figure out why he was having the heart rate spikes. He's had chest and abdominal x-rays, another EKG, an echocardiogram and a bunch of labs, all to make sure he's not thrown a clot or had something happen to his heart.

But, in spite of everything going on, Forry was actually feeling better today. By the time the time the day ended, he was getting up and getting back to bed without help. We took several walks, trying to get rid of the gas. He's been drinking carbonated beverages for the same reason. (We should have Granddaughter Havela here to engage him in a belching contest...)

I ended up doing a bit of nursing care today, helping him shower, etc. I can admit I am definitely older than I was when I used to do that. I left for the night, giving him strict orders to have a quiet night. I don't want any surprises when I get there in the morning!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Post Op Day 4

I swear, I am going to quit going home at night.  Although I did get a very good night's sleep - at least until about 3 AM when the cold front came through and I had to wake up enough to pull up the blanket!

When I got to the hospital about 9, I saw Forry by the practice stairs with the PT lady and was pleased to see that they were working on steps. When I got closer, I realized she was having a tizzy because Forry's pulse rate had gone up to over 150! They got him back to bed and it settled down, then spiked again. So they put a set of leads on him so they could monitor his heart rate via telemetry and asked for a cardiology consult.

Forry said he just wasn't feeling good. He didn't eat his breakfast or lunch. We did have a nice, but rather quick visit with Dennis and Katharine in the midst of all the commotion...

 The cardiologist came by in the late afternoon, talked with Forry about what was going on. He ordered a beta blocker to slow things down a bit, then a bunch of tests to check and make sure he hadn't thrown a clot.

He seems to be feeling better this evening, but I'm going to spend the night on the cot in his room...!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Post Op Day 3

Forrest had a good night. We got him settled about ten-thirty and he/we slept well until 3 AM when the phlebotomist showed up to draw blood. He turned on ALL three lights in the room, said he had to be able to see to draw blood. He did his job and left - leaving all of the lights on!

We were able to sleep a couple more hours - after I got up and shut off the lights - until the night shift began their morning rounds to check vital signs. The CNA that came in for Forry's vitals asked about and delivered coffee to us both. The staff has been incredibly nice to us. Forry's nurse even brought me an extra breakfast tray from a patient who had been discharged.

There has been talk almost from Day 1 about the possibility of Forry going over to St. Luke's for in-house rehab following his discharge from the Medical Center. He did so well with PT his first day post-op that they decided wasn't going to need to. Then there was the really bad night and on Day Two both PT and OT were re-writing their recommendations.

By today, he was down to only Tylenol for pain - NO narcotics due to his reactions to them (you're not supposed to sleep around the clock after taking them!). He's had a good day overall, even got a shower! Both the St. Luke's lady and the Group Health (insurance company) came by and said they still thought he wasn't "bad enough" to go to St. Luke's. As we talked about alternatives, the Group Health lady basically said they would prefer to keep him at the Medical Center for a couple of extra days rather than go through the hassle of transfering him to an area nursing home for a few days.

I guess "length of stay" issues are not as important now as they were when I was a hospital administrator. The hospitals now lose more Medicare dollars if they have patients re-admitted after they have been discharged...

Anyway, I think it was a good compromise. It'll give him a few more days to build up his strength for getting up in a bed that doesn't have handrails.

He was looking good when I left, eating his dinner. I brought his dirty clothes home to wash. Sadly, when I walked in the RV door and turned on the ball game, the Mariners - with Felix pitching - were already behind 6-0!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Post Op Day 2

Well, I guess I should have stayed last (though my bed felt good and I slept so well) night as Foory had a very bad night. Evidently, they just couldn't get ahead of the pain, and they gave him some pretty hefty doses of pain med. he got really loopy according to his nurse. He settled down after I got here this morning and basically slept most of the day. He managed to wake up enough to eat his lunch and dinner after I bribed him, telling him I would stay tonight.

PT did manage to get him up long enough to start learning how to go up and down the stairs and he sat up in the chair for about an hour. I went home about five and got him some clean clothes. I also brought the awning in on the RV as they are predicting strong winds tonight as a dry cold front moves through. It should be twenty degrees cooler tomorrow.

I picked up one of the new "buttery Jack's" on my way back to the hospital. It was actually a pretty good burger. I guess I'll get that cot pulled back out and get ready for bed. Let's hope Forry is able to get some sleep tonight and doesn't have his nights and days totally turned around!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Post-op Day 1

I was going to head back to Auntie Violet for some much needed sleep after our long day. I thought I'd stay until they got Forry settled for the night, but it was not to be. He was getting morphine through his IV line -  the setup where when you push the button, you get a dose of the medicine. The pump is designed so that the button only works after at least ten minutes have passed.

Forry is a kidder, and he does it with such a straight face he even still fools me some of the time. He was teasing the nurse, something about whether he should take the pills she gave him or the little paper container they were in. But it came out all scrambled and the more he tried to figure out what he was trying to say, the loopier he got. He was just a bit out of it and he didn't want me to leave. The very kind nursing assistant brought in a folding cot and bedding for me.

I tried to calculate, but I was pretty rummy, so I'm not sure how accurate my estimate is. I know I slept for at least two hours after the nurses got Forry settled. They had gotten him out of bed and walked him to the doorway twice. But he was still on post-op every hour vital signs, so we kept getting woke up until midnight. Then we got a couple of hours of sleep. I don't know what woke Forry up, but about two he was wide awake and so was I. I actually wrote yesterday's blog on my iPod (though it has today's date.)

I dozed off again and I think I got a another whole hour in before the parade of morning vital signs, blood draws, etc. began. It was a busy morning. PT was in and got Forry up and walking in the hall as far as the Nurses Station and back. She also worked with him on how to get out of bed without twisting. Then she got him set up in the chair for an hour.

I figured it was a good time for me to go home, change clothes and maybe even take a nap. I did try. But it was not to be. I ended up answering phone calls...

I went back to the hospital with clean clothes at least and Forry's Sudoko books that he wanted. We had various bursts of lovely visitors over the next few hours - so nice!

Forry wanted me to stay again tonight, but I told him to quit looking at me with those puppy dog eyes. I knew I had to get some sleep -- I could tell I was getting crabby. I stayed until he was settled into bed and came on home. My bed is going to feel good, though empty.

A Long, Long Day

We were up early, very early, like 3:45 AM early. Into the shower and out the door by 5 AM. No need to worry about breakfast, Forry hasn't had anything to eat or drink since late the evening before.

We had checked out the route yesterday and, just as the Security Guard had told us, found a Handicapped parking spot right in front of the building. Up a couple floors we went and the pre-op stuff began. There's always a glitch or two. Today's was the staff not being able to find the EKG that Forry had done on the 21st, They had the report, but not the actual pictures. So in came a tech to quickly do a new one! Forry got a hexachlorophene back scrub and an IV started. Dr. Powers came to visit and get the permission form signed. When I wished him Good Luck, he said there was no luck involved - just lots of experience and expertise. He said he had been intensely reviewing Forry's MRI the last couple of days and had decided he would be focusing mostly on L3,4 & 5.

The nurse anesthetist slipped a little happy juice into his IV and after a good-bye kiss, they wheeled him off down the hall. And the long wait began.

There is a large comfortable waiting area where I finally get a cup of coffee and settle in. When you arrive, they give you a patient number and you can follow your patient's progress on the board in the hall just like at the airport. It shows if the patient is in prep; in procedure: or in recovery.
Finally, at about 11:30, I get a call from the surgery nurse saying that they have finished their work on the front of the spine ( through the side incision) and are now repositioning him to start working from his back.

It's a long time until I get another call. Finally, at a quarter to two, a different nurse  calls and says things are going well and that Dr Powers says it will be another couple of hours... I have been using Facebook's Messenger to send out a group update. It seems to work well to keep everyone informed and I only have to send a couple of emails and texts to update the few who aren't on Facebook.

FINALLY, at about ten after four, Dr Powers shows up in the waiting room to tell me he is finished. He seems pretty confident that he's been able to make "lots more room" for those compressed spinal nerves. He said Forry was in Recovery and was waking up a little.

The nice ladies in the waiting room tell me he's going to be in Room 819 in the N Tower and that I can go up there to wait. At last, while I'm Skyping with Granddaughter Havela, I hear the stretcher coming. They gather a crew and log-roll Foory into bed. It's wonderful to see his smile! We are blessed!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Penultimate Day

Apria Healthcare had called and wanted Forry to bring them the card from his CPAP machine so they could report to Dr. Elmer on his usage and sleep apnea since his last sleep test a couple of months ago. Rather than just stick it in the mail, we drove over to the Northhills Drive office and dropped it off.

Then we went over to Sacred Heart Medical Center to check out where we supposed to go in the morning. The Surgery Center is across the street from the main entrance of the Medical Center. We parked and I went in to check out where we were supposed to go in the morning.

There was no one in the entrance area, but there was a sign on the counter that said "if you are pregnant and in labor, you should go directly to the 2nd floor..."

A bit later a gentleman came along and told me where the elevators were around the corner to the left and said that we should go up to the Main Floor in the morning. He also told me where we would be able to park.

From there, it was a stop at the Post Office on Sprague to pick up some mailers. Then it was back to the RV Park where we picked up the box of mail that Daughter MM had sent last week.

It was another VERY warm day in Spokane. Sister Sherry said they were breaking the record for the second day in a row in Touchet. I'm glad we had the air conditioners serviced last fall before we left for Arizona!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Trip to Menno - And a Prayer Quilt

We were up early this morning for our trip to Menno for church. For a change, we stopped at the Starbucks about three blocks down the street for lattes to go and breakfast sandwiches which were really good. We made good time and were even able to swing by the ranch and take a quick look at the wheat. It is already starting to turn color.

The Menno Women in Mission group were waiting for Forrest. They had told me a couple of weeks ago that they were making a Prayer Quilt for him that they wanted to give him before his back surgery.

It is a gorgeous quilt. They called it a lap quilt, but it is big enough for a twin bed. You can feel the prayers and love in all the stitches.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Polish Dogs

It's no secret that Forry loves Costco's Polish Dogs. They are his idea of a gourmet meal. Lately, it seems like we've gone to Costco too early in the day to get dinner and too late to get lunch.

We ran out of our latest box of K-cups yesterday. After complaining about the taste of the samples we had that I wanted to use up, we decided we needed to go over to Costco and restock. Since it's Saturday, I knew it would be crowded, so I suggested we go late in the afternoon and pick up Polish Dogs on our way out for supper. So we did.

And it was crowded. Spokane has two Costco warehouses and I am beginning to think they really need another. They get a lot of Canadian customers at the Valley store similar to the one in Bellingham. It's hard to find a place to park. And it's even worse inside - you feel like they need a traffic cop at some of the aisles.

I got the coffee we wanted, then hit the fresh produce for some blueberries, cherries and papayas. There were some good looking California apricots, but every box I looked at had at least one moldy one in it, so I passed.

Friday, June 5, 2015


We've been full-timing almost nine years at this point. I have assiduously avoided anything to do with draining the tanks. I do most of the set-up, hooking up electricity and water, etc. but I have drawn the line at the sewer hoses. (I've occasionally had to go out and push the button or tap the line when Forry's had problems, but that's been the extent of it.)

However, even though Forry thinks he won't have any problem draining tanks after his surgery next week, I am not so sure. So, over his protestations, today I went with him and actually drained the tanks. I definitely learn by doing. It wasn't enough for him to tell me how to do it. I had to actually do it myself! So under his  rather close supervision, I did it this afternoon...

Since everything is already hooked up - the sewer hose that is - it's really just a matter of opening a valve and pushing some buttons. That's assuming that everything works the way it is supposed to.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


We had one more task before Forry's surgery. The sheet from the doctor's office suggested that he have some plain cotton shirts to wear under his brace. The shirts are supposed to prevent chaffing. I think they will probably also make wearing the brace more comfortable in the summer heat.

We went over to the Valley Mall and stopped in at Macy's. The Men's Wear department is on the upper floor. Both the UP escalator and the elevator were out of order. We had to walk out of Macy's and out into the Mall to take the escalator up. Then walk back over to Macy's. We found the shirts we were looking for as well as a pair of light weight loose shorts for him to wear. That was the easy part.

The hard part was getting checked out. There were only two women in line ahead of us in the only check-out in the Men's Wear. The first lady was returning something she didn't have a receipt for and that took a while. The second lady had three pair of men's shorts. She wanted to return one of the pairs and then she wanted to order two different colors of the other two pair in a larger size. It took a while for the clerk to find a picture of the desired shorts and for the lady to pick which colors she wanted. Then she wanted them shipped to her. Since they didn't have them in stock in the store, the clerk said there would be no shipping charge. But, it took her a while to figure out where she could find a place to remove the charge. After standing in line for over 35 minutes, I finally got my stuff paid for (after telling the clerk three different times that "No, I don't want a new Macy's card!).

Then we had to walk out and halfway through the Mall to find a Down elevator that was working as Forry was reluctant to try to go down an escalator using his walker. Then we had to walk all the way back into Macy's to get to the door we had originally come in through - and where we had parked.

 I should have just gone on-line and ordered the darn shirts!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Crazy Weather

I woke up this morning to blue skies. There were a few clouds floating around overhead. Before long they had coalesced and the next thing we knew it was pouring rain -- again!

It rained very steadily - and hard - for about thirty minutes. Then it stopped, the sun came out, the clouds went away. I was thinking about doing laundry, but the humidity in the RV was over 22%. I didn't think the laundry would dry very well.

We watched the early Mariners game. If it wasn't for bad luck, those guys would have no luck at all. I don't know how many extra inning, one run games they have lost this year. They load the bases and then just can't seem to get anyone home...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Frank's Diner

Breakfast at 7:15? Clear on the other side of town?

Sure, why not?

Son-in-law Todd invited us to join him and his two fellow pastors along with Gary Jewell for breakfast. That way he could meet up with his fellow travelers without them having to drive back out to the Valley. (They had dropped Todd off last evening while they went back to the Super 8 for the night.) We had not seen Gary since his hospitalization, so we were pleased to be invited to join them.

Frank's Diner is an old railroad dining car that serves wonderful breakfasts. Fortunately, today was a weekday, so there was no wait (on the weekends, the wait is l-o-n-g, sometimes more than an hour.). Forry had their "small" order of biscuits and gravy while I had their "small" cinnamon French toast. Forry was able to finish all of his, but I barely managed half of mine.

We had a good visit with the fellows. The other two pastors are acquaintances I have met various times over the years with my work with the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference. It was good to get to know them a little bit better.

With lots of hugs sent to Daughter Dawn and the grandkids, we saw the fellows off, back on the road to Oregon.

Monday, June 1, 2015


I got a note from Son-in-law Todd this morning saying he and two of his co-pastors were coming to Spokane today to visit Gary Jewell. He as looking for a couch for a night. Gives us a chance to get to see him.

We did make a grocery store run today. I refuse to whine about it and I do have everything put away.

I made a big batch of crab pasta salad yesterday which we had for supper.

We are in the midst of another thunderstorm this evening. It is a long way away yet, we can see the lightning all around, but it takes a bit before we hear the thunder. We've had a few drops of rain.