Monday, February 29, 2016

Definitely a Down Day

Forry woke up very early this morning with cramps and an upset stomach. It was very early, before sunrise which is unheard of for him. He spent all day in his recliner, mostly asleep. He didn't feel like even eating until this evening when I finally got him to eat a toasted cheese sandwich.

Dennis stopped by during the morning on his walk and gifted us with a box of pastries that they had gotten from a vender near them at the Fountain Hills Street Fair. We saved them for this evening when Forry finally felt like eating.

I did do some laundry and a bit of house cleaning, but I didn't accomplish much more than that. I do hope tomorrow is a much better day.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Another Lazy Day

I made orange rolls for breakfast, topped with some of Brother Pat's walnuts. Pillsbury rolls are okay, but they are a whole lot better doctored up a bit. I had waited to bake them until Forry got up. I had been sitting outside with my cup of coffee and the Sunday paper just enjoying the beautiful morning.

Forry did get a good walk in - up the fence and back. Then he ended up over at the neighbor's for a long visit. In this kind of weather, it's just hard to stay inside.

We did come in to watch the first part of the Oscars - at least until Bull Riding came on.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Gorgeous Day

I think it officially got up to 87 degrees today! There were some wispy clouds floating around, but it really was a gorgeous day. Forry took a short walk this morning, then we went for another this evening. We didn't see any wild critters today - though we did see four horses on our way into town yesterday afternoon. All of the critters we saw today were the four-legged ones on leashes. It is quite a parade that goes by along the fence every day.

It was a fairly lazy day today. Lots of reading and sudoku puzzles. I fixed a variation of a baked pork chop with apples dish for supper that turned out pretty good with some mashed potatoes. We watched  the last conference game of Gonzaga which thankfully, they won.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Purple Toes

My blue toenails were starting to look a bit distressed and chipped. It was definitely time for a pedicure. I had packaged up all of the paperwork - I hope! - that came in yesterday's mail for our accountant to finish our taxes. It needed to be put in the mail today. So I made an appointment to get a pedicure this afternoon after we went to the Post Office.

Forry suggested that I get my nails done in a purple shade to match the purple trim on my sandals. I'm  not quite sure I like it. I guess I'll have to wait and see what they look like in the morning...

I figured that by the time I was done, Dennis and Colleen would be done with their day's vending at the Fountain Hills Street Fair and we could meet them for dinner. They were finished for the day by five and I was done a little bit after.  Forry wanted to eat at the Saddle Bronc Inn where we had eaten once before, so that's where we met up.

We had a good dinner. The guys had meatloaf and Colleen and I had roast chicken. It's a good place to eat, but it's noisy. Not a good place to try to visit.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Longer Walk

Forgetting that it was Thursday afternoon and they would be in Fountain Hills setting up for theis weekend's show, we walked over to Colleen and Dennis' site (over by the road). I had assumed we would be able to stop and visit, taking a rest in the process. But, since they were not there, we had to continue back to our side of the world. We stopped to visit with Mike and Patty for a bit before I headed home to get supper started.

Earlier, Forry had walked up to the office to get the box of mail that Daughter MM had sent. I sorted through it all, filing, trashing and shredding. A good share of it was stuff we needed for our taxes, 1099s and W2s. I put those all together with the rest of the packet I was preparing for our accountant that we will get into the mail tomorrow.

It was fun to find a "Save the Date" card for the summer wedding of our young friend whose Dad leases our ranch. It's been fun to watch him grow up as he was just a young lad when they moved to our place. We met his fiancée last summer when she joined the family for brunch with us in Spokane.

It was another beautiful day today. I love the days in the mid to high eighties. The wind that we've had the last couple of days has died down. You can almost see the trees down in the river valley turning green every day. Some of the Palo Verde trees are starting to bloom.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stocking Up

It was time for another visit to Costco. We had finally eaten up all of our Christmas present meat, so needed to go restock. We asked Colleen if she and Dennis would like to go along. Colleen came with us, but Dennis stayed home to work. He's always busy! The conchos used in their bracelets are made to put on bridles and other tack. The shaft meant for attaching needs to be removed for use as a bracelet. He clips it off, then uses a Dremmel to grind the rest of it away. All that has to be done before the holes for the bracelet connections are drilled. There seems to be almost that much work for all of the different jewelry they make.

Although the parking lot seemed quite full, the store itself was not bad. There were lots of carts and it wasn't terribly crowded. We all went our separate ways and soon had more than enough to fill the car! After our shopping, it seemed important to find a Dairy Queen for some ice cream treats. (I continue to be surprised there are not more Tastee Freezes or Dairy Queens or other ice cream shops here in Arizona. As hot as it gets, you'd think they'd be on every corner like Starbucks in Seattle. But they are actually hard to find.)

I had been reading in the paper about the amount of revenue the City of Mesa gets from baseball Spring Training. There was a long article about what the City is doing to spruce itself up and create more shopping opportunities for visitors. As we drove through looking for the Dairy Queen, we saw the Spring Training banners and new plantings all over downtown.

Of course, the bad part is getting home and having to put stuff away. I re-packaged all the packages of meat into individual meal sizes and spread them out in the freezer. That was enough for me for the day...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Busy Day

Well, I finally got ambitious and actually cleaned out the refrigerator. I've been looking at it for a while, thinking it really needed to be done. We're talking about going to Costco tomorrow, so that was the impetus I needed to get it done. It was sort of a chain reaction. I had told Forry I wanted the little table that the BBQ was sitting on outside so that I had a place to put stuff from the refrigerator. In order to get the table, Forry had to finally put the BBQ away.

Forry took over draining the tanks this morning. It's a task I really didn't mind doing, but it's nice to see him stepping back up to take over some of the stuff again. Since the tanks were empty, I started on the laundry. Not sure how I managed to have every pair of everyday shorts I own in the wash, I must have been a messy cook this week.

Dennis and Colleen came over after dinner to visit for a while. While they were here, we made plans to take a trip on the Verde Valley Railway next week. It's nice to have them here.

Monday, February 22, 2016

They're Back!

Our friends Dennis and Colleen returned to Eagle View today. They've covered a lot of territory since we've last seen them - some vacation and family time in the South and major shows in Las Vegas and Denver as well as some smaller weekend shows. They arrived today from a weekend show at Lake Havasu and will be selling in Fountain Hills this weekend.

We were - cautiously - sitting outside enjoying the sunshine when they arrived. It was warm today, but quite gusty. They went ahead to their site (over by the road) to setup. After a while Forry walked his bag of aluminum cans over to the recycle bin at the office, then walked on down to where Dennis and Colleen were parked. He was gone long enough for me to be a bit concerned, though I had pretty good idea of where he had probably ended up.

When we were discussing where we wanted to eat tonight, I remembered getting an email from the Outback Steakhouse proclaiming that today was "Bloomin Monday."  Because the Outback sponsored race car had won yesterday, the Bloomin' Onion appetizers were free today. That's all it took for us to decide where we were going for dinner. And it was very good! Once again, we came home with enough food for tomorrow.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another Critter!

We had come back from a walk and were sitting outside. I had been going in and out, fussing with the stand for the whirligig peacock. (I had used a small rock to make it stand up straight. When the wind blew the bird over, the rock fell down in the hole and blocked it. I had to get a needle-nose pliers to get the rock out...)

As I was coming back outside, Forry earned me to "watch out for the snake!" We watched a pretty good-sized rattler come from under my chair and under the steps of the motor home. I grabbed my phone and called Security. Two rings and he answered and said he would be right there. I wasn't scared, but had to have Forry tell me our site number, so I must have been a bit flustered. While we waited, we watched the snake come out the other side of our RV and head over to the neighbor's. The snake went over and started to crawl under the concrete berm at the end of Mike's site. (There are pictures on my Facebook page.)

When the Security guy came, he tried to use a rake to drag the rattler out, but it just crawled further under the berm, so he gave up and called the Fire Department who have crews trained to catch snakes. Since the Yavapai Fire Department is just down the road from the RV park, they were here within just a few minutes. One of the fireman had a large plastic bucket with a screw-on lid and the other had set of long-handled tongs.

He was able to reach under the back of Mike's RV and under the berm and grab hold of the snake. He pulled it out and dropped it into the bucket. It took them less than five minutes. They took the bucket with the snake, climbed back into their fire truck and were gone. The one fireman estimated the snake was about five feet long. It looked like it may been caught before as its rattles were gone.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

So I Had This Dream...

I woke up this morning with a vivid memory of my dream about Forrest. I had clear instructions (from where? from whom?) that Forry needed to be walking at least three times per day! It was very plain in my dream that that's what he needed to be doing. The instructions said that was the only way he was ever going to get better!

Since I had not been feeling real well nor very ambitious yesterday, I had not gone for a walk. Since I didn't go, Forry hadn't gone either. I'm not sure if I was subconsciously feeling guilty about that or what, but it is the most vivid dream I have ever had. When he got up this morning, I told him about the instructions in my dream. It must have impressed him as he went out and walked to the fence and back.

In the early afternoon, he coaxed me to put my sandals on and go for a walk with him, which we did. We walked down the road until he needed to rest by one of the light posts. While he rested, I walked around another loop, then walked home with him. Later in the afternoon, when it had cooled off a bit, he went for another walk. That time he took along his walker so he would have a place to sit down. As I was cooking dinner, I made sure he had his phone. When he didn't return by the time I had expected him, I called - he was sitting over at the neighbors visiting!

We talked to our friend Bill tonight who is recovering from the flu. He is out of the hospital, but says he is really tired. Leslie has it as well. They are taking anti-viral drugs and sleeping a lot. And no, they didn't get flu shots this year...

Friday, February 19, 2016

A Lost Day

Today was one of those days when I can't say I accomplished anything. I didn't want to wake up this morning and when I did, I didn't want to get up. I hate days that start out like that. It didn't get a whole lot better. We did get our showers taken, but that's about it.

I think the most productive thing I did all day was fix dinner. There were two pork chops left from the Omaha Steak package we got for Christmas. I marinated them and baked them with Brussels Sprouts and apples. So good!

It was another cloudy overcast day. Hopefully, it will have been the last of the chilly days forecast for this week.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Different Day

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I turned the A/C on for the first time. Today I switched the furnace on! It was chilly enough this morning I not only kept the door shut, I even put a sweater on. The low that swept into Southern California yesterday bringing them rain, has pushed on into Arizona bringing us overcast skies and cold. It's only supposed to last a couple of days - we should have warm weather again by the weekend.

Other than taking out the garbage this morning, I have not been outside all day. I was tired enough this afternoon for some reason, that I even took a nap instead of going for a walk. Forry went up to the office to check for mail, but that was about the extent of our activity.

Our friend Bill has been hospitalized with the flu and low O2 levels. Leslie tested positive for it as well. We're hoping they'll make a fast recovery! I understand the flu is hitting the Seattle area hard. If you haven't done it already, GET YOUR FLU SHOT!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another HOT Day!

Phoenix broke another record for heat in February today. I think this is the third record-breaking day in a row. There are lots of warnings on the news about watching for snakes, using sun screen and staying hydrated. I broke down this morning and actually turned the A/C on. It was already 85 degrees indoors at a bit after 10 AM! I really dislike having the A/C on. It's very  noisy and I dislike the feel of the cold air.

It got almost too cold in here. I kept turning the set temperature up on the thermostat, but couldn't seem to modify it. We finally even shut it off for an hour, turning it back on when it got too hot in here again.

We walked after it cooled down. Forry has been walking without either the walker nor his cane. Sometimes he wobbles as he goes and scares me a bit. I'm not sure what I would do if he falls...
I stuck some sweet potatoes in the oven before we went out on our walk, then broiled a rib steak to go with them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Grocery Run

Okay, it's plenty hot enough! Another day like today and I will break down and turn the air conditioner on. I don't know how hot it actually got, but it was 90 plus in here. We waited until late afternoon to head into town, but it was still a bit too warm to be out.

We didn't need a lot, but we were out of bottled water. Even with our filters, the water here is not drinkable. As hot as it is, we drink a lot. I quit drinking soda of any kind last year and Forry drinks water about half the time, so we go through a many bottles. It would probably be better to go to Costco and get bottles in larger quantities, but it's easier to go to Safeway. It's a whole lot closer.

 I didn't buy a great amount of groceries, but still spent 150 dollars. It seems like I get fewer and fewer groceries for more and more money. I'll admit some of the things I buy are pricey, like the greenhouse heirloom tomatoes I get (they at least have SOME flavor...), and maybe the crab cakes, but most of the rest are just a few dollar items. They do add up.

By10 o'clock this evening, it had cooled off. In fact , with the windows and door open, it rapidly got cold! A good reminder that we are living in the desert!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Little Things

As I was making the bed this morning, I was thinking about how little things make such a difference and how little tolerance I have for things that irritate me. We have two sets of queen-size sheets and pillowcases, the bottom sheets of both sets have DEEP fitted corners. Like more than ten inches deep. They actually fit on the mattress that also has a thick foam pad on top of it - and they stay on!

I was trying to remember how many sets of sheets I had gone through before I was finally happy with what I had. I bought one set that had knit fabric. It was very pretty, but everything stuck to it! When I'd turn over in bed, my nightgown didn't come with me! It would cling to where I first laid down. Most frustrating. Then there were a couple of sets where the bottom fitted sheet just would not stay on, sometimes not even for one night! All I know is that I folded them up with the top sheet and the other pillowcase; put them in the first case and dropped them off at Goodwill!

It was another blissfully warm and beautiful day today. We spent the morning running the Robotic vacuum and then using a Swiffer wet mop in the bathroom and kitchen. Forry dusted the cabinets and ledges. It actually didn't take us long, but we were both ready for a siesta in the heat of the afternoon. We saw lots of javelina tracks along the fence walkway when we went for our walk, but saw no sign of the critters themselves. Forry walked all the way to the south end of the fence and back without using the walker. We made several stops for rest along the fence (sure would be nice if there were some benches along the way...), but he made it.

I had made stew with beef, parsnips, carrots, a turnip and a potato for supper, again using a bottle of hard apple cider for liquid. I've finally got it to the point where I make just enough with no leftovers.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Afternoon

We walked over to the back of the office this afternoon to check out the saguaro where we have seen the roadrunners nesting the past couple of years. According to my blogs from this time of year, they were actively nest building at this time of the month. We saw no evidence of the pair anywhere today. No birds carrying sticks or jumping up into the cactus. I hope they haven't gotten spooked...

It was a mite cooler today with a light loud cover and a bit of a breeze. It was still very pleasant and in the mid-eighties. Because of the clouds, there was a beautiful sunset. We sat outside again and watched the mountains change colors.

We had a lovely Valentine this morning when Granddaughter Havela sent a picture of Greatgranddaughter Kahlyn playing by her toy box. She is almost seven month old and is such a cutie! I can hardly wait until we see her in June.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


It was already nicely warm when I got up this morning and went out for the paper. Warm enough that I could leave the door open. We have had a large number of grackles around in the mornings, so I waited until just before ten to take our bag of garbage out for the collection crew. If the bags are out long enough before collection, those pesky birds actually will peck holes in the plastic. The next thing you know, there's scattered trash. The collection crew is good about picking things up, but there's no need to make extra work for them.

Trouble is, occasionally I get busy reading the newspapers on my iPad and ten o'clock comes and goes. Then we have to take the trash over to the dumpster near the park entrance.

We started on the bathroom area today. I had changed sheets and cleaned the bedroom yesterday. Today I took the bathroom rugs outside, shook them and then put them in the washing machine. I swept the bathroom area while Forry cleaned the sink and the counter top.  The way we go about it, it takes us a while. We do a little bit at a time and then take a break - or wait for another day.

We didn't walk very far this evening, Forry was complaining that his right leg was hurting. He's been walking on his own, but I roll the walker alongside so that he has a place to sit down and rest every so far. The sunset tonight was dramatically pink as there were a few clouds out over Four Peaks.

Friday, February 12, 2016

It's Friday

There was a short period of time when TGIF really meant something. The last couple dozen years I worked at the hospital or at WSU Spokane, I actually worked day times and five day weeks. Before that time I worked mainly night shifts and weekends at work were just part of the rotation.

But since we've been retired, Fridays as a prelude to the weekend doesn't really mean much. Fridays, like other days, is more likely to be defined by what's on TV that night, than anything else. So, today is Friday. I know that because Blue Bloods is on the telly.

It was another gloriously warm day today. We sat outside this evening and watched the sunset. It was not as spectacular as last night as there were no clouds today. The best part is watching the changing colors on Four Peaks. With the sun shining on them, they are all shades of grey. As the sun starts to go down, they gradually turn pink, then shades of purple. The term "Purple Mountain Majesty" definitely applies here.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Showers, Laundry, Tanks

It should me the other way around - empty tanks first, then start filling them up again! I took my iPad outside with me and sat in the sun reading the newspaper while monitoring the draining tanks.  I was pretty nervous about the tanks before Forry's surgery as that was something I had not done during all our years of full-timing. But, it's gotten to be pretty routine. Walk around the coach checking to see that the hoses are intact and hooked up; pull the valve on the black tank; wait for it to drain, then  open the valve on the grey tank for a couple of minutes to back flush the black tank. At that point, I close the grey tank valve and wait for the back-washed black tank to drain. Then shut the black valve tank off and re-open the grey tank, letting it empty and flush everything out. Of course, since we are staying in the same spot here for several months, I don't have to hook or unhook anything or drag hoses out and put them away. It does make the task a bit easier.

We got our showers done and I did a few loads of laundry as well. I need to start thinking about stripping things down again. We've been sitting in one place long enough that everything we've used is sitting out and it's gotten cluttered again.

It was another very warm beautiful day today. It's actually hot enough late morning and early afternoon that everyone is pretty much staying inside and in the shade. But the minute the sun starts to go down and it cools off, the park comes alive. There are a lot of dog walkers and bikers and strollers. People drag their lawn chairs out into the walkway to visit. Makes for fun evenings.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Well, this must be a record. I finished up the ranch books today and sent the accountant's copy off. As we have less and less to do with the ranch, there is less and less bookkeeping. That's the cycle of life, I guess. We don't have all of the paperwork yet to finish up. We'll have to wait for the next box of mail from Daughter Mary Mae the end of the month.

We spent some time visiting with our neighbors Mike and Patty this evening. Patty has a couple of days off from her traveling nursing job. Sounds like she is going to work in Scottsdale soon. She has been working in Deer Valley most of the winter. We may get to see a bit more of her as she will only be working three days a week.

There was a bit of excitement today about the javelinas. Seems a guy was walking his dog on the other side of the fence - on the reservation ground.  The dog, a fairly large dog, a Labrador or something that size, got into it with the javelinas. Evidently, they got scared off and the dog was not hurt, but people are a bit spooked. Mike also said he had a skunk outside the door of their RV last night...

I finally got the stroganoff made I planned a couple of days ago.  It's not as good as I remember it being, but it was still awfully good. I think Forry scrapped his plate clean!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Book Work

I spent a good share of today working on the books for the ranch. I think I've only got four months left or is it three months?! I worked until I consistently started transposing numbers. When that happens, I know it's time to stop for a while.

Today the temperature of 85 degrees broke the record for today in Phoenix that has stood since 1986. Evidently, it is 15 degrees higher this week than normal temperatures. There are lots of reminders in the papers about hats, sun screen usage and staying hydrated. Plus comments about how this temperature rise has happened too suddenly for natives to be acclimated to it...! Meanwhile the tourists and snowbirds like us are loving it.

We waited until almost six to go for our walk. When the sun went down, it cooled off dramatically. Didn't see any of the javelinas tonight, but did see a group of the cows as I walked back along the fence. Forry walked back along the road while I walked the graveled area. Met up with several of the neighbors, all out enjoying the cooler air - and looking for the javelinas!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Another Monday

Another beautiful day. The outside thermometer - in the direct sun - read 101 late this afternoon, but I think it was only 91 on the house thermometer. We headed into town about four o'clock this afternoon. After I had gotten five months of the ranch books entered into the computer after lunch!

It was a day for replenishing household supplies, especially liquids. Forry was out of distilled water for his CPAP machine as well as water for our insides. I read something on a blog this morning about the person fixing beef stroganoff for dinner. Sounded good, so I picked up the ingredients for it. Stroganoff is something I used to make often when our family was young, but had sort of forgotten about it. Maybe an oldie, but goodie recipe, will help me get out of my cooking dinner funk.

We didn't see any critters at all today, except for a roadrunner on our way to town. Our neighbors across the way do have their two young granddaughters visiting them, so we did see a couple of swimmers...

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Today was a good day for critter watching. All was quiet when we went for our walk. (We went early so that we would be back to the RV before the Super Bowl.)  We had gotten back and I was sitting in front of the coach watching a couple of cows and a yearling calf come up alongside the other side of the fence. We were chuckling at the young one licking the "doggy bag" dispenser attached to a fence post (it might be salty due to all the dog walkers and the garbage crew opening and shutting it...).

All of a sudden, we saw something black. There was a javelina following the cows, and then a second one came running up. A few seconds later, we saw a third one running on our side of the fence! It scooted along, then ducked under the bottom rail and followed the first two down the trail and over the bank! This is the second time in a week we have seen Javelinas and these were a lot closer than the one we saw on the road the other day.

The sun is setting later every day with it staying light until after six now. We were watching Four Peaks turn pink and purple as the light changed when we saw a couple more cows coming up the bank and along the fence. They weren't in any hurry, stopping to graze as they went. As we watched, more came up. I think we ended up seeing seven of them mosey on by. They looked to be in pretty good shape. With all of the rain the last couple of weeks, there is lots of green grass growing amongst the mesquite bushes.

I tried another slow cooker recipe today with some chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, parsnips and Brussels sprouts. (The recipe called for chicken breasts with whatever vegetables you happened to have.) It had a lemon juice and olive oil marinade that the chicken and vegetables cooked in for four hours. The blurb about it raved about how tender and juicy the breasts were. Neither Forry nor I thought so! Forry thought it was just plain bland in spite of all the garlic in it.

Bored with cooking, I've been trying new recipes. So far, out of three tries, we've only liked one enough to fix it again. Wish I had Sister Sherry's ability to tell what a recipe will taste like just by reading it...

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Agreement Doesn't Mean Yes?

It's taken me a long time (I'm an optimist at heart), but I think I've finally convinced myself that just because the man in my life agrees something should be done, it doesn't necessarily mean it will be. I've learned I need to put some parameters around what I think are decisions. Agreeing to do something without a given time frame seems to be the way the man's mind works.

It means I need to ask, "When?" Today? This morning? This afternoon? Tonight?  Tomorrow? This week? Next summer? Next year? It actually means I need to be fairly pushy sometimes to even get a timeframe.

Enough said on that subject!

Today was another gorgeous day. The weather forecast seems to indicate that it will continue to get nicer every day this week with temperatures in the high eighties.

We have gotten a set of tickets for the majority of the Mariners Spring Training games at their home field in Peoria. They are all seats in the accessible sections so that Forry can take his walker. We won't have the same seats for every game, but they are all in the area of the Mariners dugout.

Friday, February 5, 2016

A New Antenna

Scott Ueland of Techie4Hire stopped by yesterday on his way from the mail pickup and told us our new antenna had arrived and made arrangements to come by this afternoon to install it. He took down  the original badly mangled antenna from the left front top corner of Auntie Violet and installed the new one in its place. He then traded out the SIM card from my Verizon HotSpot and installed it in a Verizon MiFi in the cabinet right below the antenna. He had a good strong signal, which should be helpful when we are back on the road.

My iPad continues to work just fine today. The only oddity I have noticed so far is that many of the books in my Kindle app are now labeled "NEW," even though I've read most of them. Looks like I'm going to have to do some sorting. Also noticed that the book I was in the middle of had flipped back to the very beginning.

It's finally warmed back up again - I even had all the windows open today. We did our walking towards evening and watched the sunset. It's supposed to warm up even more over the weekend. I can't wait!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Dear Sweet iPad!

Yesterday my iPad died! I was was reading the newspaper on it; shut it off to do something else. When I came back to finish reading, it was dead! No low battery, no light, no nothing! I tried a different cord and even a different plug-in, still nothing! I left it plugged in all night to see if it needed charging, but when I tried to turn it on this morning, there was absolutely no response. I looked on line, but the Apple web-site had no advice other than to send it in for repairs.

Then Forry suggested I look to see if there were any Apple stores near by. Sure enough there is one in Scottsdale. Having learned you don't have to wait in line for ages if you have an appointment, I checked to see if I could get one today. The store stays open until nine and I could make an appointment for 5:20.

While we were waiting to head into town, I finished up the last three months I still had to enter in Quicken. 2015 is finished. I'll wait until in the morning to do the accountant's report when I'm more rested...

I tried the iPad once more before we left and it still wouldn't turn on... It was about a half hour's drive to where the Apple Store is in what is called Scottsdale Quarter, a complex of upscale shops. There was valet parking right across the street from the Apple Store which worked out really well for us. After about a ten minute wait, we met with a Genius. He pulled out a cord from his pocket and connected the iPad. And wouldn't you know, it started to light up! (Sorta reminded me of my telling Forry the car was making a funny noise, but it never did it when he was in the car...)

The Genius guy tried to run a diagnostic test on the iPad, but it wouldn't connect with his machine. The only thing he could figure out was that maybe the square plug I had been using instead of the fold-down one wasn't putting out sufficient power...? But at least it seems to have decided to work again.

We walked a half block down the street to a restaurant the valet guy had recommended called True Food Kitchen. Part of a mostly southern states chain, it serves only organic and fresh foods. Forry had a grass-fed bison burger while I ate the grass-fed beef street tacos. Incredibly good food!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It was one of those days, with lots of little piddlely stuff that needed getting done. Forry worked on adding water in the bank of batteries and I drained the gray and black tanks, shook the outside rug to get all of the leaves and trash off from the storm the other night and set the chairs back out. We also took the runaway peacock back outside and set him up.

Thankfully, we are back to nice warm weather. It was warm enough for me to shed my sweatshirt while I was sitting in the window working on the Quicken stuff. I got a couple more months done - I think I only have three left. Then I can start on the ranch stuff. I also got all of our bills done that I do by BillPay online.

It's interesting to watch the change in behavior when the weather warms up. Instead of rushing to get their dogs walked as quickly as possible, people are strolling again and taking time to stop and visit. There were lots of bicycles out and about this afternoon and the motorcyclists went out early this morning. Lots of folks were sitting outside just enjoying the sunshine.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This is the third winter we'be spent at Eagle View RV Resort. We've heard our neighbor say that he had seen Javelinas in the park a few years back, but we've never seen any. We seen horses and cattle and coyotes and all kinds of birds, but that's it.

We were on our way into Fountain Hills, just past the fence around Eagle View, when a big black javelina came tearing across the road right in front of us! It's a good thing Forry has fast reflexes or we would have hit it! It was moving so fast there was no chance for a picture.

We had seen a family of Javelinas when we were in Texas. We were at a wildlife sanctuary where they had feeding stations to lure in birds. We spotted a mother with three or four little ones underneath the feeders cleaning up. They are really quite cute, but they don't smell very good. The one we saw today was quite a bit bigger than the ones we saw before.

The skies were clear and blue this morning, but it was still chilly. It's supposed to start warming up again tomorrow- I certainly hope they're right.

We took a batch of mail, including our ballots for the school levy in Mount Vernon, to the post office, then headed over to Safeway for groceries. We were thinking about going out to dinner, but getting groceries tires us out so much, it was easier just to come home and eat after we got them put away...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Beginning Another Month

Time flies! I have not managed to get my brain to automatically say 2016 yet and it's already February. I used to chuckle at my dear mother-in-law when she'd say something like that...

It was a cold dreary day today. Last night's storm had quieted, but it was heavily overcast all day with occasional raindrops. There was enough wind to make it miserably cold. It didn't get above the mid-forties all day.

The storm made quite a mess. All of the outside chairs were blown over and my peacock with the whirling tail was gone! I finally spotted his turquoise tail way over on the other side of the fence. I went back to put on my sandals and find a warm coat. Forry wasn't awake yet and I was afraid if I waited for him, the wind would catch the peacock again and carry it down to the river! On the hand, what  I got into trouble climbing through the fence? Maybe I should wake him up so that he at least know where I was going.

Then I happened to look out the front window and saw our neighbor climbing over the fence with the peacock in his hand along with pieces of the whirligig from his yard. Very thankfully I met him outside with the rescued bird. We both decided it was a bit too brisk yet to set it up again. (This is the same man that picks up my paper every morning from out by the road and sets it by my door.)

Our walk was pretty short today. It was so miserably cold and windy and we got a bit wet as well. I took care of various bills and other stuff from Saturday's box of mail. I dealt with discarding a couple of outdated cards and activated the new MasterCards that our Credit Union is switching to instead of Visa. I even got another month posted in Quicken.

It was a perfect day to make a pot of stew. I tried something new today. Instead of the red wine I usually use, I used Angry Orchard Hard Cider for the base. I wasn't sure at first that I liked the flavor, but after it cooked down, it was awfully good.