Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Sorta Kinda Lazy Day

We had really good intentions of getting tanks emptied; hoses put away; etc today in preparation for moving tomorrow.

But, a couple things happened. Last February I had pre-ordered a copy of the 8th book in the Harry Potter series, The Cursed Child. I had forgotten all about it until I got a notice that it would be arriving late that afternoon. Well, of course, when it came, I had to read it. It's actually the script for a show that will be playing in London next month. Then after I got it read (quite late last night), I had to chat on Facebook with my friend Tammy, who was on her way home from the Barnes and Noble bookstore party where she and her daughter has purchased a hard copy. After Tammy had a chance to also read the book today, we had to continue our chatting on Messenger (so as not to spoil it for her daughter who was still reading it.) It brought back lots of memories of great times with my Grandkids as they lived the HP books.

Then the Mariners were again playing the Cubs this afternoon, this time with Felix pitching! It's now the bottom of the 9th with the score 6-3 for the Mariners. One really cannot leave the house while all that is going on.

I warmed up the other half of last night's stroganoff for supper tonight. An old recipe of Sister Sherry's that we used to enjoy back in the days when the kids were little, it's still a good one.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Hearing Aids

We had an appointment this afternoon at the Costco on Sprague to pick up Forry's new hearing aids. The young woman that checked them out and reviewed them with Forry seemed to know what she was doing and it didn't take long at all. From there, we went down the street to Home Depot to pick up a padlock for the storage shed at Desert Sun; some mouse bait (I'm thinking ahead); a couple of screws and some large garbage bags. It was one of those trips with no continuity - just stuff we needed to pick up.

The Mariners participated in another pitching duel with the Cubs today, but this time it went their way! Granddaughter Havela's Ben (a big Cub fan) says they "just got lucky!" But we'll see how the rubber match goes tomorrow...

It got up to 95 today, but it has cooled off considerably this evening. We were able to shut the A/C off while we were eating dinner and open the windows. The big pine trees are swaying quite a bit as the front moves through.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Toad II Fixed

Becky called from the Suzuki Service Shop just after lunch and said the part had come in. We were listening to the Mariners/Cubs game which was in a rain delay, so we got dressed and headed out to the Spokane Valley where the shop is located. We waited about an hour for them to do the work. It came to $310., but with the part shipping (which we were charged for to have it expressed...) and our deductible on our Extended Warranty, I paid $125.

From there we went to Group Health where Forry got his blood drawn while I picked up his prescriptions. Amongst them were the eye drops for before and after his cataract surgery. They had a cancellation, and he is now getting the first one done on August 9th. So, from there we went over to the Eye Clinic to pick up the paperwork outlining all he needs to do. Seeing that he has a post-op appointment the morning of the 10th, we went over to the Madison Inn to make reservations for the night before and the night of. Located right above SHMC, the Madison offers reduced rates for very nice rooms if you are having a medical procedure done in Spokane.

We got home just in time to participate in a Skype call with Granddaughter Havela and Kahlyn. Sounds like Ben was gloating about the Cubs beating the Mariners 12-1!

Daughter MM's birthday is today. She's getting old! (Not sure how that has happened so fast...) It sounds like they really had a great time on their trip to Scotland.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Groceries and Gordy's

After a morning of reading the email and the newspapers and checking in with Facebook, we finally bit the bullet and went the back way through Four Lakes into the Safeway store in Cheney. Forry had used up the last of his cache of distilled water topping off the coach's batteries and needed another jug for his CPAP machine as well. Plus we were getting down towards the end of our supply of bottles for human consumption as well.

I restocked our fresh vegetable supply and picked up some ingredients for a couple of new recipes I want to try. It was quite warm again this afternoon and by the time we got everything in the house, we were pooped. Forry suggested going over to the Iron Skillet which is just a mile or so away, but I said if we were going to eat out, I wanted something really good. So we drove into town and up on the South Hill to Gordy's Szehwan. Our timing was not good. We hit the evening rush hour traffic, and then there was a wreck - or something - way up the line, so traffic was down to a crawl once we hit the Sunset Hill.

Eventually we were able to turn off and make our way up the hill to 30th. As usual, the food was great. As usual, we shared a meal. We noticed tonight how many people "over ordered" and were taking a good half of their food home for another meal. Gordy's does a large take-out trade and I guess we had never noticed how many of those containers and paper bags were for folks who were dining in.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Laundry and ?

I had really hoped to sleep in this morning, but for some reason Forry decided to get up early. As much as he may try to be quiet, it just doesn't work that way. When he's up, I may as well get up also as pretty soon he's looking for something that he just can't see. (I never have figured out how it is that you can stare at something right in front of you and just not see it.) I am usually pretty specific when I tell him where something is - "it's on the right hand side of the second shelf in the medicine chest.." 9 times out of ten, I end up getting up and showing him that it's exactly where I said it was?

Forry had to empty the grey tank so that I could finish the last couple of loads of laundry. It most likely would have been fine, but he was so sure it was getting too full...

It's only mid-week, but the park has really filled up today. After several days of heat, the gravel roads are starting to get dusty. The park really needs to invest in a water truck that could sprinkle down the roads. I remember how miserable it got to be last fall when we were here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Toad II Goes to the Doctor

We had an appointment at the Suzuki Service Shop at 9:00 AM (let it be noted that's TWO mornings in a row we've had to be somewhere by 9 in the morning!) to figure out why Toad II had a light on on the dashboard that said to check emissions. Not being sure how long it might take us to get to the other side of Spokane out by Dishman Hills, we left home a little after eight. Even though we were a bit early, the shop was already busy. We sat in the waiting room while their computer went through the analysis. Turns out the light was pretty accurate - there is a valve/filter in the emissions system that is plugged.

They are going to order the part which should arrive on Thursday. Becky said she would call when it arrived. Sounds like it will be covered under our extended warranty - except for the $100 deductible.

Since we were out in the area, we stopped over at Home Depot and picked up a Kidde smoke detector for the bedroom to match the one we bought earlier this year for the front room. While we were there I bought a couple of flowering plants to take with us next week when we have a little patio again.

Later this afternoon, we went back into Costco for Forry's appointment to have his hearing aids adjusted. After some discussion with the tech, we decided that Forry's almost seven year old devices should be upgraded. Of course, the new ones have to be ordered, so we made an appointment to come in again on Saturday to have them fitted. Looks like we'll be in town every day this week!

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Very Busy Day

Forry had his referral appointment to the Spokane Eye Clinic today and saw Dr. Ranson, the same doctor who had taken care of my cataracts a couple of years ago. The good news: Turns out that since Forry has no problems with astigmatism, he is not going to need the expensive lens that accommodate for that. The bad news: Dr. Ransom is all backed up with surgeries and will not be able to get to Forry's until September - unless some one cancels...

That certainly simplifies our plans for the next month or so. We will be able to move down to Desert Sun the first of August as we had originally planned.

From the Eye Clinic, we went over to Costco. I had used the last portion of hamburger in spaghetti last night and had used up my steak supply at my brother's, so I needed to restock my meat supply. I also bought some frozen boneless chicken thighs. I haven't bought chicken for a long time...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Good Intentions

We had good intentions of driving the ninety miles down to Menno this morning, but for some reason, I couldn't seem to get my act together. By the time I did, it was too late to get going and make it on time... So we stayed home and listened to the baseball game.

All day, there were snippets of Junior Griffey's speech and the ceremonies around his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Our visit to the Hall of Fame was one of the highlights of our trip to New York a few years back. It was very neat to see Jr's bronze plaque today - and yes, they captured his famous grin!

I made a batch of spaghetti for supper tonight. It's not one of Forry's favorites, but every once in a while, it tastes really good.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Showers and Ball Games

It's pretty bad when you have to put off taking your shower so that you can finish listening to a ball game! The Mariners are back east in Toronto, so their 1 PM ballgame started at ten AM our time. It was a crazy game with a grand slam home run by Nellie Cruz and lots of other runs - they ended up with 14! So much for all of the one run games they've been having..

Didn't do a whole lot this afternoon. I found a couple of baskets of blackberries and a partial container of blueberries in the refrigerator that were all extremely ripe. There was not enough of either, so I combined them and made a mixed berry pie. It's a bit of a pain as the turntable in my Advantium oven no longer turns. I had to cook it in 6-7 minutes increments, turning it in between in order to keep from having a pie that was raw on one side and burned on the other. But it turned out pretty well. Forry seemed to enjoy it with some ice cream tonight.

The park is eerily quiet tonight. After yesterday's terrific winds with the tall pines moving 10-15 feet back and forth, it seems strange to see them so still tonight. There is not even a hint of a breeze.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Birthday, Kahlyn!

I used to chuckle when my dear Mother-in-law used to talk about how fast time flew. But I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. Our precious little Great Granddaughter Kahlyn turned a year old today!

Both her Auntie Ashley and her Grandma Lisa as well as Granddaughter Havela posted great pictures on Facebook today, so we had lots of pictures to enjoy. Then this afternoon, we Skyped for a half hour and got to enjoy both Havela and Kahlyn. So even though they are a long ways away (actually vacationing in Missouri), we got to celebrate her birthday a bit.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trip to Town

We were up and going early this morning as we had a 10 AM appointment in town. We have been wanting to make some changes in the way we handle some of our retirement accounts, so managed to get that done. We stopped at the little Espresso stand that opened on the corner near the RV park to get coffee and breakfast on the way home.

We got back to the RV in time to listen to the 12:30 Mariners game on the radio. It took them 11 innings, but they managed to beat the White Sox 6-5!

We finally managed to get up to Gordy's for dinner. We wanted to order one of tonight's specials, beef loin with peppers, but they were already out. I made an idle comment that I wished they had one of their smoked bacon stir-fries on the menu instead. Darned if our server didn't go ask the kitchen crew if they would make us one! And they did!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quiet Day

We were really tired last night. I had done a lot of walking yesterday and I could feel it after we had gone to bed. It had been quite warm yesterday and we had run the A/C. I didn't even think about switching the thermostat over to furnace from A/C. It's amazing how drastically temperatures switch. It was warm when we went to bed and I was thankful for the ceiling fan the fellows at Kustom Coachworks had made and installed for us last year. Then about 4 AM, I roused enough to shut it off and turn on the mattress pad heater - it had gotten really cold! Actually, the arthritis pain in my fingers woke me up. My fingers do not like being cold!

The people in the RV on our right were gone all day today. Their puppy whined and cried pathetically all morning, then settled in and just barked all afternoon. You couldn't help but feel sorry for it, it sounded so sad, but it sure was annoying.

I got a little bit more done on oiling the cherry wood this afternoon. I am finished with the bathroom area and halfway finished with the washer/dryer cupboard area. It does look nice when I'm done.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Once Again, Ponderosa Falls

Today we moved again. Our two weeks in Moses Lake are up, so we headed back to Ponderosa Falls in Cheney. It was raining most of the morning in Moses Lake - we got pretty wet getting unhooked. The park was more than half empty (there was no one else in our row!) so we asked for a late checkout. The staff was very nice about it, actually thanked us for letting them know. Instead of being out by eleven, we pulled out a little after 1:30.

When we got to the RV park in Cheney, it was a whole 'nother story. The sun was shining and they  were FULL! Even though we had made a reservation two weeks ago, there were no pull-through sites, nor sites with satellite access available. We ended up parking up on the hill with lots of "helpers." Both RV owners parked on either side of us came out and offered to move their vehicles out of our way. We told them we would be okay, but they hung around to make sure.

Of course, since we had an audience, after we unhooked the toad, Forry couldn't get it started. It would energetically crank, but wouldn't start! It finally occurred to him that he didn't the key in his pocket! Anti-theft mechanism, you know!

Then the fellows stayed to see if they needed to help us back in. Over time, I have figured out just where the back wheels needed to be to make the turn easily. That works better if I can tell Forry where I want him than if he tries to gauge from the driver's seat. We got her backed into a pretty tight spot slicker than a whistle! Even with the guys watching...

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Just a Quick Trip

We took a quick trip back out to Desert Sun RV Park today to check out the driving route my brother had suggested. Going that way, it is exactly 17 miles from Moses Lake! 

We started listening to the Mariners game on the radio and got home in time to watch the last of it on TV. Enough said, other then the Manager said afterwards that it was the worst game they had played all year...

We were going out to Menno this evening to hear the Lberty Quartet concert, but Forry wasn't feeling up to going out, so we just stayed home.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Baseball and ?

The Mariners played the Astros this afternoon in what turned out to be an incredible pitchers' duel. Fortunately, the Mariners Cano managed to drive in the one run they got to win the game. There as a big crowd today. We kept watching for Brother Pat who was there somewhere, but never spotted him.

Surprisingly, the RV park isn't full this weekend, for the first time since we've been here. There are clusters of tents across the road, one group has seven tents in their cluster.

Forry spent a good share of the day finishing putting together the folding recumbent bike I got for him. It's bigger than I thought it would be, but that's always the way it seems to be.

I grilled some lovely scallops I got at Costco a few weeks back for supper. I tried just drying them well after they thawed, grilling them, then drenching them with lime juice. They turned out to be very good - and a lot less work then the way I have prepared them before.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Family Time

I seasoned a batch of ribeye steaks this afternoon with some of my bourbon smoked salt, bourbon smoked pepper and lime pepper and took them over to my Brother Pat's this evening for him to barbecue. Pat and Cindy added garden fresh corn, beans and new potatoes along with some cukes and kohlrabi. Such a feast we had!

We were joined by Niece Becky and her three little ones; Niece Ashley and Kyle and their two youngsters and Nephew Nick. G-Niece Ellie and  G-Nephew Ryan also joined the party as they were going to have a sleepover with their cousins tonight. What fun it was to have all of the little ones there and see how much they have grown. It was also neat that Ashley wasn't working tonight (she's a night nurse at Samaritan Hospital where I used to work many years ago.).

One of the best things about being in the Moses Lake area is a chance to spend time with family.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Bit of Ambition?

i don't know whether I actually got a bit of ambition today or whether I just got disgusted with my lack there of, but I did get about a third of the cabinetry wiped down and oiled. The beautiful cherry wood in the coach is just finished with Liquid Gold. It's been more than a year since I have tended to it. In some areas, like around the sinks, there were water stains and streaks.

I use a slightly wet cloth (what's a little more than damp?) to wipe off the dust, bug marks and streaks. Then I saturate the wood with Liquid Gold, wiping off the excess. It's amazing how gorgeous the cherry wood is when it is oiled. This time I started in the bedroom, which I didn't get to the last time I took on this task. I got the bedroom done and the area around the bathroom sink. Then I took a time-out to do the mirrors as now they looked so bad.

I think I got Forry inspired as he got out the vacuum and started working on the floors. If we're not careful, we're going to have a spiffed up house again!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Road Trip!

Forry's sister Grace is nine years older then he is. (His brother was 19 years older.) She and her husband Les live in East Wenatchee. Their triple-wide used to be amongst orchards on the hillside, but now housing has grown up all around them. They share the house with Grace's collections of hundreds of stuffed bears and dogs.

Because of Forry's back surgery last summer, we didn't get down to see them at all, so we were anxious to make the trip. Today was a beautiful day for a road trip. We left shortly before noon and drove down I-90 to the cut-off towards Quincy and then on to East Wenatchee.

Les and Grace met us at the door and we had a nice, though short visit. We got updates on most of the kids and their families. Grace has gotten very fragile and became tired just visiting with us.

On our way home, we stopped at one of the fruit stands along the road and got some plums, some apricots, a little box of Royal Anne cherries and one of Bings. The apricots were so pretty, I felt like I should have gotten a whole box of them and started canning!

We took the White Trail cutoff on the way home. I have never seen so many nursery trees. There were many fields with various sizes of small trees. We also saw multiple fields of corn, alfalfa, beans, potatoes and even onion windrows. There were also many, many orchards and several fields of grapes. The Columbia Basin certainly grows a variety of crops!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Ants Are Gone!

There wasn't an ant to be seen today! Those little cardboard squares that were swarming with the little buggers last night are empty. Oh, they still have their bubbles of ant bait, but there's no critters lapping it up today. Thank goodness!

I still want to put a couple of squares down in the basement bay where the water hose connection is as I've seen a few ants down there as well.

I emptied the grey tank this morning so that I could finish doing the laundry. For the moment, I am caught up again.

We watched the All Star game this evening. Robinson Cano was put in late in the game, only had one at-bat and they walked him!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Teeny, Tiny Ants

We had been invaded, once again, by teeny, tiny little ants. My Mom used to call them sugar ants. We had some in the kitchen a couple of years ago and now they are back again. We went into Moses Lake this afternoon to buy some Terro Ant Killer. It's a liquid with borax in it that ants carry to their nest. You put a few drops of the liquid on provided one inch cardboard squares. It's really gross after you put it out. Whatever is in it really attracts the ants - the squares are just black with them. Ick! I want to just throw them in the trash as it gives me the creeps. But the whole idea is to let them take it back to their nest, so I have to just ignore them.

Hopefully, by morning, they will be all gone.

I started doing laundry this morning. I just had finished the first load when they shut the water off in the park - again! (It was off when we got home from church and lunch yesterday.) I guess they have some leaks they are trying to repair. At least by the time we got back from town, it was on again. There are some big piles of dirt and holes where they were digging up pipes, so I'm sure they have more to do.

We did get groceries and mail some bills, so I think we have our errands done for a bit.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


We have been thinking - and debating - and discussing with each other and family and friends over the past couple of years. The issue is whether or not to return to Arizona this coming year or to try to find a place to stay in Washington (or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest). We've been checking out various places. I just do not like cold weather! And the dampness on the coastal side of Washington and Oregon makes my joints hurt more than they do anyway.

We looked at places in the Tri-cities, thinking it might be warmer there, but it's just too urbanized and  populous for us. As one of our friends told us, "you're just going to have to stay inside when it gets cold."

Today we went to take a look at an RV Park we had read about near Potholes State Park. It's a 55+ park called Sun Desert. In some ways, it reminds me of the place we stay at in Arizona. It's bordered by sage brush areas that looks a lot like our desert home. The sites are quite large and sort of "scattered" throughout the park instead of being lined up in rows. We visited with a resident while we were waiting for Barb, the manager, to come and chat with us.

It's a small park with perhaps a dozen mobile homes up above and about thirty RV sites scattered throughout the grassy areas. All of the sites have concrete patios and storage sheds. The area is heavily treed with willows, plums, firs and some others I couldn't identify. There is another area under development with about thirty sites, shrubs but no trees and no patios.

This place has possibilities. It is 17 miles from Moses Lake, which means it is about 40-42 miles from Menno. We'd have to figure out a shorter route...

Anyway, we decided to spend some time there in August and see if we like it. We don't have to make a decision about Arizona until the end of September when the site winter payment is due.

Friday, July 8, 2016


As the weekend approaches, this place is crawling with them! There are kids all over the place. Across from us is a group of campers with a bunch of 10-12 year old (I'm guessing) boys. They come and go in a variety of baseball uniforms, so we're guessing there is a tournament going on in town. Earlier today a group came in and set up a couple of tents two sites over from us. They have a whole batch of kids, toddlers through teenagers. There's a pop-up tent camper down the way that has at least four little ones.

The park is really filling up ahead of the weekend. It appears to be a good place for family groups to gather. And it looks like the swimming pool pump has finally been fixed.

It was raining when we went to bed last night and it was overcast and chilly this morning. I know they started harvesting at the ranch last week - I hope all this moisture doesn't cause too much of a delay.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trip to the Dentist

Forry had an appointment with the dentist this morning to have the prep work done for a new crown. The dentist had found a cavity on the x-rays he had taken when we were in for our semi-annual checkup a month or so ago. Now he has to wait until the twentieth until the new crown arrives. So for the next couple of weeks he'll be living with a temporary cap.

We had no further business in town, so just stopped by Dairy Queen to get a couple of Blizzards. Forry always gets the most chocolatey one they have - this time it was Rocky Road - while I stick with my time-honored Butterfinger. It's a nice treat.

Granddaughter Havela posted a delightful video this morning of GGD Kahlyn "using" a spoon for the first time. She has refused to eat baby food - definitely wants to eat what everyone else is eating. Niece Becky told me this morning at the dentist's office (she's a dental hygienist there) that her little Kiera is the same way. Sounds like these little girls are not going to be making Gerber rich.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Driving Day

Daughter MM sent a box of mail to Cheney General Delivery early last week, but forgot to let us know. When I called her Friday night to double-check the address on the wedding invitation, she told me she had sent it earlier in the week. The Post Office in Cheney is one of the few that we've run into that isn't open on Saturday mornings; Monday was a holiday, so it wasn't open; and yesterday was a very needed rest day for us. So today we made the trip back to Cheney to get the mail.

While we were there, we stopped at McDonald's to get some iced coffee. You'd think we'd learn, McDonald's does NOT have good coffee. My iced latte' was so bitter even Forry complained when he tasted it!

Since we were on the road, we stopped in Ritzville. Seems like every time we come through there, there's another neat statue to add to their collection all over town. This time it was a lady golfer up by the golf course. We stopped to visit the Whiskey Gap Dustillery on Main Street, then went to the Farm Service office to sign the annual IRS forms.

As we were watching the Mariners game tonight, there was a great deal of activity in the RV park. Several family groups have moved in. The group across the road has three RVs in the group, all clustered together. There are quite a few youngsters with them - it's a shame the park still hasn't got the pool pump repaired (they told us when we checked in that it would be fixed on Tuesday...).

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Ah, how nice to sleep in and not have any place to go or anywhere we have to be! It was so nice.

We've had a lovely quiet day. We watched the RV park pretty much empty out this morning. Those that hadn't left late yesterday seemed in a hurry to be gone this morning. The firework explosions that continued until after midnight yesterday appear to have ceased.

The park is now only about half full and those that are still here seem to be enjoying the quiet as much as we are.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fouth of July!

We spent the morning getting ready to move; then hooking up Toad II and driving to the Pier 4 RV Park in Moses Lake. The park was pretty full when we arrived early this afternoon, but it has been gradually clearing out. The sites next to us had several tents with young families. There must have been twenty little ones, not much older than four or five. They were so cute, many dressed in red, white and blue. Most of them have headed home and it looks like it's going to a pretty quiet night.

Compared to how sere and brown the park looked when we were here earlier this spring, the park looks very green and pretty -- and packed! They had just started watering when we were here in the spring and it's really made a difference.

I hope everyone has had a lovely day. We have been enjoying the fireworks from across the country: New York with the Macy's celebration and then Boston with the Boston Pops. Now we are watching the Capitol Steps. A Happy Fourth of July to all!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rest Day

We debated about driving the ninety miles down to Menno today, but not for long. We have had a busy week and tomorrow we will be moving again. It was an easy decision to decide to stay home. There are a couple of families we would like to catch up with and go out to dinner with, but I guess we'll have to wait until we get back to the Spokane area again in a couple of weeks.

I'm not sure whether Spokane County has a burn ban at this time or whether the campground has initiated one, but it is very pleasant to be here this year. The last time we stayed here, there were lots of campfires and it was very smokey. I understand people wanting to have the experience of a fire when they are camping, but it is are nice not to have to deal with the smoke.

The Mariners game this afternoon was another fun game to watch. It was especially nice to watch them sweep the series with Baltimore! I hope this streak continues as they head to Texas tomorrow.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Lovely Fun Wedding

It took us less than half an hour - with the proper tools - to put Son Sean's new TV together this morning. We went ahead and took it into Spokane to his apartment. Forry hooked up all the connections and Sean and I went to get it set up. But Samsung has an auto start setup program that set itself up quickly and flawlessly. It only needed to ask us what time zone we were in and it went from there. So it ended up being a very quick visit and we were back home by noon.

I hemmed Forry's pants and we started getting ready to head for the Harrington area and Colby and Maria's wedding. Colby is the son of the man who leases and farms our ranch. We have watched  him and his brother Tyler since they were just little guys. Colby and his Dad Jeff engineered Colby's proposal to Maria last summer by cutting it into the wheat at harvest time.

The wedding was held in a barn out between Ritzville and Harrington. The barn has cement floors and was divided into three sections by the former feed troughs. The left two sections were set up with folding chairs for the guests while the right side was set up for the caterers. There were small white lights wound around all of the beams and pillars. There were vases with wheat bouquets set all around the barn in jars that were painted the tangerine of the bridesmaid dresses. The entire wedding party wore cowboy boots - including the mothers of the bride and groom! Maria had said she wanted a wedding dress that she could wear with her boots and that's what she did!

After the ceremony, tables were quickly set up for the catered buffet supper. My Nephew Nick, college classmate of Colby, was in the wedding party (the handsomest one!). We ended up sitting with my Brother Pat and Sister-in-law Cindy and enjoyed a chance to visit with them. And to visit with so many of our old neighbors and friends from when we lived on the ranch almost thirty years ago.

It was a lovely day!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Another Busy Day

It shouldn't have been too crazy, but like everything else, it just sort of escalated. Forry had a 10:30 appointment with the cardiologist at Northwest Cardiology. We were surprised to discover that an electrocardiogram (EEG) had been ordered before the doctor was to see him. At his request (as he doesn't hear well) I went with him for the procedure. I was glad I had my Kindle along so that I could read the newspaper while the tech was working.

It was after noon by the time she was finished and we were called in to see the doctor. Then the nurse realized that he needed an EKG as well. She quickly got that done and we finally got to see the doctor. I really like Dr. Orme, he is very thorough and patient. He was the doctor who was on-call at the hospital last summer when Forry had an episode of of atrial fibrillation. Evidently, all of Forry's tests look good. Considering that his heart valve was repaired almost sixteen years ago, he's doing really well.

It was two o'clock before we finally left the Heart Clinic - with instructions to come back and do it all over again next year!

Son Sean's TV gave up the ghost yesterday. He wanted to go shopping with us, but when we stopped by his apartment, he wasn't home. So we went on out to Costco without him. We did find a pretty good buy on a TV for him. We were going to help him set it up, but he has no tools in the house and we needed a small Phillips screwdriver to attach the bottom stand to the TV. So we finally decided to bring it home with us and get it back to him tomorrow. I think the last thing we needed to do when we were tired and hungry was to set up a TV set...