Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Columbia Gorge

What a beautiful day to drive the Columbia Gorge! With all of the rain and the snow melt, all of the rivers are full and the dams are spilling large quantities of water. The sides of the canyon are all lush and green. There were patches of blue lupines, yellow arrowleaf balsamroot, and orange poppies -- gorgeous!

There were lots of barges on the river, this one was riding high in the water and was probably empty.

It's a beautiful drive between the river and the bluffs along Interstate 84.

We left I-84 as we approached Portland and took Interstate 5 south as far as Harrisburg. We are staying at the River Bend RV Park. Tomorrow we need to re-connect with the fellows at Amazing Creations a few miles away in Junction City and get directions to their workshop. We will need to spend time tomorrow clearing out the area in the passenger side slide where Auntie Violet's new desk and cabinets are going to be installed on Friday.

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