Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Long, Long Day

We went from dental appointments this morning in Moses Lake to an appointment in the late afternoon with Forry's orthopedic surgeon in Spokane. It started much earlier than we are used to with our first aPpointment at 9 AM. We both got out teeth cleaned and an adult fluoride treatment. Forry has to go back on Monday to get a filling in a tooth he cracked a couple of weeks ago.

The fluoride treatment was a new thing for both of us. Niece Becky explained that with so many people living longer and also keeping their own teeth, they've discovered that many are getting caries in the roots of their teeth as their gums shrink. Since dental insurance is all focused towards prevention, the insurance companies have decided that adult fluoride treatments are a good investment.

A quick stop at home, then we re-grouped and headed for Spokane. Forry has Dr. Powers buffaloed. He can't figure out why he is having so much pain in his right leg especially. They took another set of x-Rays today and everything is where it's supposed to be. Dr. Powers changed his melds around a bit and says if things don't improve over the winter, he may look at some further tests and/or injections next spring.

We next went to Group Health's Riverfront Pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions we had ordered and the new ones.  The pharmacy said they didn't have enough of the new ones, but we could pick them up tomorrow. Not willing to make another trip to Spokane, I had them check the other GH pharmacies. We ended up going north to the one on Lidgerwood and managed to get there just before they closed at 5:30! Turns out the only GH pharmacy that stays open until 7:30 is the one at Riverfront.

We decided to eat for the last time this year at Gordy's. We tried to get ahold of our friend Judy to see if she'd like to join us, but never did catch up with her. As usual, Gordy's was great!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Day to Relax

After yesterday's excursion, we laid low today. We only left the RV long enough to take the garbage out and take a short walk. I did wash the sheets, but I haven't remade the bed.

We weren't very ambitious this morning and didn't get moving very early. I chatted on the phone with both Brother Pat and Sister Sherry and got caught up on what was going on with them.

It was another beautiful day here in Moses Lake. I think it got up into the high seventies. Sherry said it had gotten pretty chilly at her place, but she still hasn't had a hard freeze. She was getting ready to plant the new tulip bulbs she had ordered.

We are watching almost the last Mariners game of the 2015 season. It's hard to believe the season is almost over.

I called Eagle View at Fort McDowell this afternoon and finished making our deposit for the last three month of the year. I wonder if this will be our last winter there? I also called Awesome RV (formerly Uhlmann's RV) in Chehalis and made an appointment for them to service the RV on October 12th. We need to have the oil changed, the roof resealed, the air conditioners serviced, etc.  I need to pick up some new gaskets for our water hoses also. All of the last minute stuff.

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Day Trip

We continue to check out possible places for us to park the rig and settle down. We want some place that doesn't get terribly cold in the winter time. Brother Pat and Sister Sherry have both suggested we look at something along the Columbia River. So today we visited Sunland Estates (near the Gorge Amphitheatre), Mattawa and Desert Aire. The one thing we noticed about all of these places is how much they have grown. They are no longer small communities - and they are no longer collections of RVs and and mobile homes.

I didn't start taking pictures until we were on the way home. This is the last of the acres and acres of orchards and vineyards we saw today -

The tall cliffs and hills are stark, sere and dry -

I certainly hope these "mares' tail" clouds are not harbingers of bad weather coming for this weekend's Mennonite Country Auction!

These are parts of the one RV encampment that we did see today. These are all parked and set up by the fishermen who are here for the salmon runs. It's as crowded as some of the camps we've seen on BLM land down in the Southwest.


I tried to snap a picture as we were driving of the many boats we saw on the Columbia, but I wasn't very successful...

Aw, there's one on the left - and another behind the bush -

We drove along miles and miles of burned range land as we went north on Highway 23 towards Othello -

From Othello we took Highway 17 back into Moses Lake. We stopped at KFC and picked up chicken for supper. It was a good day.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lunar Eclipse

As a culture,  I think we pride ourselves on being pretty educated, enlightened people. Way beyond the superstitions of the past. But, I have been amused at first, then appalled by the hype around tonight's eclipse of the moon. I think it really took me aback when the Mormon Church made an official announcement telling their people not to be "taken in" by the harbingers of doom this week!

I have heard the stories about the juxtaposition of a so-called Super Moon or Blood Moon with the eclipse as being the beginning of the end of the world; or the warning of earthquakes, volcanoes etc....

Along with many other folks here at Pier 4 RV Resort, we have been popping outside all evening to watch the eclipse. There is a great deal of ambient light in the area, so it has not been as bright as it is in other areas where it is darker. I've seen some great pictures on Facebook this evening.

By the time we arrived out at Menno for church this morning, the crew had the big tent for next Saturday's Mennonite Country Auction already up. I think they started at 8 o'clock this morning. The Fellowship Hall is full of plates, napkins, and all sorts of other items in preparation for the food booths. It's coming quickly!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


We just watched Mike Trout of the Angels make the most incredible catch. The Mariner's Montero hit  one over the out field wall. Trout jumped, stuck a cleat into the wall, used his right hand to boost himself up and caught the ball a good twelve feet in the air. It was absolutely awesome! They replayed it half a dozen time - I'm sure it will be seen on all of the news broadcasts.

It was another lovely warm eighty degree day here in Moses Lake. We walked down to the far end of the campground this afternoon. There are only 20-25 rigs here, pretty much clustered near the office where we are. The park is all paved with a concrete pad the size of a picnic table at each site. In between sites there is nice grass. There are trees around the perimeter, but there are none at the actual sites. I noticed there was a sign on the front door of the office looking for work campers for next summer.

Friday, September 25, 2015


It's always a surprise to me how dusty the RV can get and how dirty two people can manage to get things. I noticed as we were driving yesterday how many fingerprints were on the dashboard and how dirty the door was. I must admit that when we are stationary I don't spend much time in the front of the RV other than going in and out the door.

This afternoon I took my little bucket and a micro cloth and tackled some cleaning. Just like anything else, you clean one thing and then everything next to it looks dirty. I was a bit surprised how grubby the hand grips were. Since both Forry and I have taken tumbles while going in and out in the past, we are both very conscientious about using the hand holds as we enter and leave. Like a lot of things, they don't show the dirt unless you really look. Needless to say, the bottom of my bucket was pretty brown.

It was in the mid-eighties today. It clouded over for a while, but then the sun was back out. I've been hoping for a couple of good hard freezes before the first part of October and the Mennonite Country Auction. It would be very nice to get rid of some of these darn flies before then!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Rather Different Day

I was up and in the shower early this morning so that I could be out at the Valley location of Inland Imaging by 8:30. I was glad we had been out there earlier this summer for Forry's last MRI. It's not the easiest place to find. The GPS in the Suzuki does not recognize all of the new development out in the Sullivan Road area, but fortunately Google maps on my iPad knows how to get there.

We waited longer for the appointment then the mammogram actually took. The tech was very efficient, but she sure had COLD hands! Glad to have that over with!

We got back to Ponderosa Falls in good time, ate a late breakfast and finished packing up. We were on the road easily without having to ask for a late checkout.

It was an easy drive down to Moses Lake and to Pier 4 RV Park. We got there about 1:30, but there was no one in the office. There was a note on the door with a phone number to call as they were out working on the grounds. I called and got an answering machine. Two other rigs pulled in behind us and they tried to call as well. Finally, the woman from the last rig said she knew the manager and went out into the park and found her. She said she had gotten no phone calls?

This park is one of the Resort Parks International (RPI) membership parks where we should be able to stay for two weeks without charge. But by the time they added up their resort fees and taxes, the fee was over two hundred dollars!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Costco Trip

We were down to our last half dozen K-cups for our Keurig coffee maker, so we decided a quick trip to Costco was in order.  It was a funny trip. As much as we looked, I didn't see anything except coffee  that we needed. We did pick up some cashews and some macadamia nut caramel chocolates - the necessities, you know.

I finally got a call this morning from Inland Imaging to schedule the mammogram Dr. B ordered last week. My choices were either in October or early tomorrow morning. Since we need to move to Moses Lake tomorrow afternoon, I guess I'll go early in the morning rather then make another trip back up to Spokane.

We did as much as possible to get ready this afternoon. We drained and flushed both the grey and black tanks, then put the hoses away. I've put away most of the loose stuff inside. It should be an easier move tomorrow - at least it's not going to be hot!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Laundry Day

It seems like it never ends, the dirty clothes, I mean. I thought about doing laundry yesterday, but by the time we got the mail sorted and the groceries put away, I was ready to call it a day. Which meant I needed to get at it today.

I bought a package of skirt steak yesterday and marinated it today in a Jack Daniels marinade I've been wanting to try. It's a pretty simple one - basically bourbon, worchestishire sauce and a little brown sugar. It was a big big chunk of meat, so even after I sliced off a serving for both of us, there was enough left for steak tacos tomorrow night.

I spent some time today sorting through paper stashed on my desk. Some of it could be tossed, some shredded and a whole bunch needed to be filed. I really need to go through my big file drawer and start shredding some old stuff. I've got some papers that are way beyond the seven to ten years of necessary storage. That drawer is just too full!

Monday, September 21, 2015


For probably the last time this year, we went into Cheney to pick up a box of mail and get groceries. It's always a bit sad at the end of a season when it's time to move on again. At the same time it gives us something to look forward to. We've got a few more days here at Ponderosa Falls, then we'll move down to Moses Lake until after the Mennonite Country Auction the first Saturday in October.

Other than picking up the mail and the groceries, we didn't do much else today. I did spend an hour and a half on the phone with Sister Sherry - but hey, we hadn't talked for almost a week? After we got the groceries put away, I sorted all the mail. Part of it was ranch stuff, the rest was personal. And of course, there's always a bill or two.

I called Respiratory Consultants trying to figure out why we had gotten a bill for co-pays from them when we always pay them at the time of the visit. Turns out they were for the last sleep test Forry had earlier this summer, when they didn't ask for a co-pay. She said they don't handle money at night. Then because he talked to the doctor the next morning, they charged another co-pay as it was another day?! Pretty good money-maker, no?

Sunday, September 20, 2015


I didn't sleep well last night, so it seemed like the alarm clock went off awfully early. It couldn't possibly be 7:30 already?! But it was, and we got up and got going. We had a date to meet the family that farms our land at 10 AM for brunch.

We had agreed to meet at MAX's out at the Mirabeau Hotel in the Spokane Valley. It was a nice enough morning that we could eat outside in the patio. Son Tyler was working today, but Barb and Jeff and Son Colby met us there along with Colby's fiancée Maria. This is the first time we had met this delightful young lady. We have been following their romance over the past year or so vicariously.

It was fun to listen to them tell us about the proposal cut into the wheat field this summer. We had seen the pictures on Facebook, but it was fascinating to listen to all of them tell the story.

Again, the food at MAX was great. The fellows all indulged in biscuits and gravy, Barb and Maria had omelets and I had a wonderful crab eggs Benedict. Good food and good company - what more could we ask for?!

Saturday, September 19, 2015


In what seems to becoming an annual tradition, we drove down towards Schrag this evening fir a BBQ at Dennis and Katherine's. The Tri-Tip barbecue was purchased by Kay in support of the Big Bend Community College Foundation Auction. Along with the delicious meat, we had a scalloped potato dish and several side salads. Daughter Suzanne made some delicious bruschetta as an appetizer.

It was a lovely evening with an opportunity to visit with some old friends and meet some new folks. Among the guests were several young boys who had a great time with Kay and Dennis' grandsons. One of the little guys had gotten to ride on one of the ranch semis - he was so adorable and excited as he was telling Forry all about it. It's fun to be around an energetic bunch of little boys.

I ended up driving us  back to Spokane.

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Medical Day

Because of Forry's back surgery earlier this summer, I put off my annual visit to the doctor until we had his stuff squared away. So today I had my appointment with Dr.B. She was at least happy about my blood pressure finally. The regimen we worked out with the pharmacist last year seems to be working.

After some discussion, she gave me a prescription for a newer NSAID that may help with the stiffness and pain of my arthritis. It's a once daily tablet. I guess we wait and see if it helps.

While we were at Group Health, Forry and I got our flu shots. He also got an updated DT shot while I got a DPT shot  (he had a pertussis booster five years ago, so wasn't due yet.) I also got the new pneumonia shot that he had gotten last June. The flu shots were the high dose shots for people over 65. I feel a bit like a pin cushion tonight. I don't recall ever getting that many immunization at one time. Giving that many, yes, but not being on the receiving end!

When we were done at Group Health, we went over to Kirishians and picked up my Chinese rug we had taken there to be washed a couple of weeks ago. We like our new laminate flooring so well, we weren't sure we wanted to put the rug back down. But, I must admit, all nice and clean, it looks gorgeous - and feels so nice underfoot.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


It was sort of strange today, knowing that the Mennonite Church USA Executive Board was meeting today and tomorrow in Kansas City. For the first time in eight years, I was not part of the meeting and the work. In some ways, it is a relief that my two terms of office are finished. And even before that I had served on the denomination wide Constituency Council for three years. That's a long time to be immersed in the decision making and affairs of the church. But it did seem strange to see pictures of the meeting and not be there.

We had a brief - very brief - rain shower today. There had been rain predicted for most of the day and most of eastern Washington, but it never materialized. It's been very dark and overcast all day, but that's it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Preventative Maintenance

Today we spent a good share of our time working on preventative maintenance for Auntie Violet. One of the most important items for RVers are our batteries. We have six batteries altogether. They sit towards the back in a compartment all their own. Every once in a while, they need to have water added. We buy gallon jugs of distilled water for them.

Today was battery day. Due to Forry's back surgery, adding water was way overdue. While Forry put on his knee pads and worked on uncapping the batteries and adding water, I emptied both the black and grey water tanks. I also flushed both tanks out. When we both got finished, we also washed down the battery compartment.

While we were outside, we did some reorganizing of a couple of the bays on the passenger side of the RV. I swept out some of the gravel and crap that had gotten in on the floor under the hydraulic slides We were able to stash the extra laminate from the new floors along with some of Forry's electronic gear.

It was another chilly overcast day. There is definitely a feel of fall in the air.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chilly Overcast Day

it was only 45 degrees outside when I got up this morning - and it was only 65 degrees inside Auntie Violet. The AquaHot furnace struggles to keep up when it gets much below fifty degrees outside. We may have to break down and bring out our little electric heaters. We have one of Costco's electric mattress pads on our bed, so we keep pretty toasty when we are in bed. But, it is definitely beginning to feel like Fall weather. The forecast is for widespread rain tomorrow throughout eastern Washington.

Other than Forry's walk this afternoon, we stayed pretty close to home today. I made spaghetti for supper tonight. It's one of my favorite meals that Forry tolerates, as long as I don't make it too often.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Errand Day

I had to get a check in the mail to the IRS today. I had it ready last week, but we never got to the post office. It's one of the required quarterly estimated tax payments and it needed to be postmarked today.  We went into Cheney to the Post Office. It's an older building that was repainted earlier this year. It really looks nice.

When we had that done, we needed to go over to Banner Bank to deposit the check we had picked up at Farm a Credit last week. We debated about going through the drive through, but I decided i's just go inside. I had the check signed and the deposit slip filled out, so it should just take a minute. I walked in. There was a man waiting and another at the teller window. There were two tellers talking to the man at the window. One of them looked at me and said she'd be right with me. A few more minutes and then they counted out some money and gave the man a slip of paper. Then the three of them chatted and giggled and chatted some more.

Finally, he left and the other man went to the window. I don't know if one of the women was being trained? But, both young women stayed at the one window. I don't know how complex his transaction was, but it took forever. I didn't look at the time right away, but when I finally did, I clocked eleven minutes! And they were still talking - and laughing!

When he finally left and I was waved over, the woman said, "thank you for your patience."

I wasn't very nice. I just handed her the check and deposit slip and said, "I should have gone to Spokane."

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Football and Baseball and Bull Riding

It's been a day of football - the Seahawks got beat in overtime -and  baseball - the Mariners got beat by the Rockies - and bull riding - that at least, was won by an American!

We find ourselves rooting for the American riders, the one from Australia, or the Canadiens. But, we have trouble rooting for the Brazilians... They seem to be so arrogant.

It was another very quiet day for us. I was going to say we didn't even go outside all day, but I guess Forry did go out to the car to bring in his Ice drinks we bought at Safeway yesterday.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Almost 100...

We got word this evening that the oldest matriarch in our Menno family passed away this afternoon. Minnie would have been 100 on November 12th. Her Memorial Service will be held on that day.

We spent most of today cleaning things - ourselves, our sheets, the refrigerator. That's besides watching football games. It was really nice to see Washington State University beat Rutgers - but as one of my friends commented, it was a heart attack inducing last quarter! Then we really got ambitious and went into Cheney to get groceries. By the time we got home and had put things away, it was time for the Mariners game.  For the second night in a row they beat the Colorado Rockies - nice!

It's been another hot day. The rain of last week is almost a memory as the fire danger has once again been raised to Extremely Dangerous. Red Flag warnings have been posted for all of the Spokane and Spokane Valley area.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Staying A Bit

 Labor Day marks the end of the "busy" season at Ponderosa Falls, so we were able to go to the office yesterday morning and extend our stay here for another two weeks. That way we should be able to finish up most of our doctoring before we move down to Moses Lake.

There are lots of tall pine trees here, along with lots of pine needles. Because of the trees, there are not too many sites where you are able to get satellite TV reception. The site we are in is one of them. The site right next to us, less than twenty feet from antenna to antenna, is not. The people who moved in there with a brand new Winnebago motor coach have spent a good share of the day trying. They've moved their coach back and forth and even went and got blocks to elevate the front wheels trying to get a better angle. They've ended up pulled so far forward and at such an angle that they have totally blocked any view I might have from my chair.

They even checked the placard in our window that says we are here until September 24th, then asked me through my window if there was any chance we would be leaving early so they could have our site! I know how frustrated we get when we can't get reception, so I can understand where they are coming from...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ego Issues?

It's been almost twenty years since I actively practiced as a Registered Nurse. And even the six or seven years before that, I was functioning in administrative positions. Sure, I'd get called on every once in a while to start a recalcitrant IV or to cover a shift, but I mostly dealt with the politics and the paperwork. Things have changed a whole lot since I was actively practicing and I'd be the first one to admit I haven't really kept up.

I was chatting with Granddaughter Havela this afternoon when she mentioned that Great Granddaughter Kahlyn would be starting her immunizations in a couple of weeks at her two month check-up. We talked a bit about how it was harder on the mother then the baby. Then I commented that we used to give infants a baby aspirin before they got their shots so that they wouldn't be so miserable afterwards. Havela said she'd better pick some baby aspirin up so that she'd be prepared.

I thought about it for a bit after I talked with her, then texted Daughter Dawn, who is a practicing Public Health Nurse. Dawn immediately told me that they no longer gave baby aspirin to infants as it has been shown to possibly cause Reyes Syndrome. She said there are even some practitioners who don't even approve of giving infant Tylenol as it may interfere with immunization effectiveness.

I quickly got back in touch with my Granddaughter telling her to totally disregard my earlier advice! I'm glad I thought to double-check what I was saying even though it didn't do much for my ego!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Checkup

A year and a half or so ago, Forrest had his first sleep study. His episodes of sleep apnea were even more prevalent then I had thought from just listening to him sleep. After a couple months of hassling with Apria Healthcare over paperwork, he finally got his first CPAP machine. What an incredible difference it made!

No more snoring!

There is a little card inside the CPAP machine that, when read, tells the doctor exactly what's happening when you sleep. It not only measures compliance (the number of hours per night you use it), but the quality of your sleep. Earlier this spring, the doctor wasn't real happy with the reports and had Forrest do another sleep test during which they increased the pressures on the machine. Today we went back to see Dr. Elmer. After looking at the card we had dropped off at Apria a couple of weeks ago, he decided to increase the pressure again.

So we made another trip to Apria's office over on North Hill Drive for them to change the pressure settings on the machine (I think if frustrates Forry that he can't change them himself...). The tech also changed the filter on the machine - it really reflected the dust and smoke we've had the last several weeks.

Since we were already in town and by then it was late in the afternoon, we decided to go up to the South Hill and have dinner at Gordy's Szechuen. As usual, it was very good. They make the best stir-fries with smoked pork!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Soup Weather

It's been overcast with occasional rain showers all day today. We thought about making the ninety mile trip to Menno this morning, but just didn't get organized early enough. The Mariners played at one 'clock today, so we spent the afternoon watching baseball. It was nice to see the Mariners win and sweep the series with the Athletics.

I had part of a pint container of half and half left over from the onion pie I made awhile back. I saw a recipe for potato bacon soup last week. It seemed like it was a perfect day for soup and a good way to use that half and half. I used some Yukon Gold potatoes that I cubed and par-boiled. I diced up a one inch piece of bacon off of my last slab of Mennonite bacon and fried it up. When it was crisp, I sautéed half a Walla Walla sweet onion in the rendered fat. Those and the potatoes made the base for my soup. It was a treat on a cool showery Sunday afternoon.

Tonight was the last evening of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) event in Thackerville, Oklahoma. We watched the replay of the Saturday rides then the Finals tonight. It was good to see JB Muaney take the lead in this year's championship race.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


It began to rain during the night last night. It rained steadily all night long. Every time I roused a bit, I could hear the raindrops on our metal roof. There were puddles outside when I got up this morning. From what I have read and heard, it sounds like the rain was very general across eastern Washington. And it is so sorely needed! Hopefully, it will finally truly slow those awful fires down and allow the firefighters some needed respite.

I had planned to.make iced tea this morning for my friends who were coming to lunch, but decided that hot tea would be much more appropriate for the damp chilly day. I thought about changing my plans to make crab salads for lunch, maybe do soup instead, but decided no. Forry organized our stash of recyclables to take over to the Waste to Energy place as they do not recycle here. He went from there over to nearby Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge where he spent the afternoon while I had some "girl time."

My former AHEC colleagues Helen and Cathi came out for lunch and an afternoon of chatting. While we were discussing yesterday what restaurant we should meet at for lunch, it occurred to me that neither of them had ever seen our RV. So I invited them to come here instead of going out. I'm so glad they did! We had a lovely visit - there's no way would have been able to stay in a restaurant from 11:30 in the morning until four in the afternoon!

And it's starting to rain again...

Friday, September 4, 2015

Fingers Are Traitors!

Forty has been wearing elastic waist basketball shorts ever since his back surgery as they don't constrict his waist like a belt does with his back brace. Since the weather has been getting cooler, we decided to order him a pair of the same type of long pants. They came yesterday. But, they are way too long.

So, of course, I told him I could hem them. I had him put them on so I could measure them. Then I went into the bedroom and found the little sewing kit I had stuck away in one of my drawers. I noticed that there was one of those funny little needle threaders in the box. Thank goodness! The lenses I received after my cataract surgery are for far seeing and though I have several pairs of "readers," none of them are good enough for me to thread a needle. Heck, it was all I could do to get the thread into the larger eye of the threader!

It only took about two inches of hem for my fingers to start complaining. Arthritis has not been nice to my fingers. I quickly remembered why I had to quit sewing. The fingers that used to be able to do fine intricate embroidery on heirloom clothing for my grandchildren are in full rebellion. They complained bitterly the whole time I was stitching the hems on the pant legs. (It didn't help any when I had to redo the first one after I discovered I had hemmed it up backwards...)

There are some distinct disadvantages to growing old and the increasing stiffness of my fingers is one of them. I have a couple of knitting projects that I have just given up on as my fingers cramp up so badly. I have had friends who have kept quilting into their 90s. I guess I'm not going to be one of them...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

No More Brace!

Today was Forry's three month check-up following his major back surgery. The good news Is that Dr. Powers told him he doesn't have to wear his back brace anymore. Unless, he wants to, of course. Dr. Powers had him take it off in the office so that he could check out his back -- and he never put it back on! He has one more visit scheduled for the end of September.

While we were in town, I took my Chinese rug in to Kirishians today to get it cleaned. It's four by six feet. We like our new floors so well that we were thinking about not putting the rug back down, but if I get it cleaned, I suppose we will. The lady was funny. Forry was taken a bit aback by the price of $100 she quoted us for cleaning it, but she told him it was a Chinese rug that you couldn't even buy any more and he should take good care of it!

Not only is it crisp and cool these past few days, but it even feels like fall. Like everything else this summer, it's a month ahead of itself.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Aqua Hot Servicing

I noticed yesterday that I had no hot water. Even after I ran it for a bit, it just didn't even get warm. Usually, it gets almost too hot very quickly. Forry talked about seeing if we could get a mobile repairman out to the campground. But I wondered if maybe our Aqua Hot was low on the boiler antifreeze that it uses again.

We went out to check on it this afternoon. It's in a bay on the driver's side of the coach. Sure enough, the low fluid level light was on, though the overflow tank in the front was still more than half full. It was no where near the low level line. Anyway, Forry worked at getting the cap, located, of course, in the way back behind a bunch of lines, off. It's in a really awkward space to get at. I got a glass measuring cup from the kitchen and we added almost an entire gallon of the pink stuff to it. Last time it had been low, we had purchased a couple extra gallon jugs of the special boiler anti-freeze.

I was very relieved to see the " low level" light go out and even happier to have hot water again when I turned on the spigot in the kitchen! I spent a bit of time after we finished up doing some cleanup in that bay. They get so dusty from traveling.

The forecast called for possible rain showers today, but we didn't see any. There were lots of dark grey clouds going by, but not of them stopped.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

'Tis September Already

Another month has arrived. So swiftly one month follows another.

We spent a quiet day today. I mostly tended to the house, making the bed, sweeping the floor, picking up. And reading! And responding to posts on Facebook. And changing the wallpaper on my iPad to the newest pictures of Granddaughter Havela and Great Granddaughter Kahlyn.

Forry slept in this morning and has spent most of his day either watching TV and/or napping. I boiled some orzo pasta and made a salad with the last of Brother Pat's cucumbers, a Walla Walla sweet onion and some tomatoes. With some of Leslie's lime olive oil, rice wine vinegar and lime juice for dressing, it was delicious with the scallops I fixed for supper.