Monday, May 17, 2010

Watching TV at Grammy's

Grand-daughters Havela and Kyra are over at our house watching "Dancing With the Stars" with us -- and eating all the M & Ms!

It took a bit, but finally coaxed a smile from Kyra Anne --

It's been a busy day today. We've had rain showers during the night and for a bit this morning. The ground was wet enough that it made for easy weed pulling in Daughter Dawn's front yard. I got about half of it weeded this morning, took a break and read for a while, then finished the rest after lunch. I haven't done any yard work for a long time, so I'll probably pay for it tomorrow. But, I did go soak in the hot tub for a while this evening, so that should help.

Forry and Todd made a couple trips into town getting supplies and parts for the new sewer line that they are putting in. They are setting it up so that Auntie Violet will not have to run a hose clear around to the back of the house.

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