Friday, May 14, 2010

Auntie Violet Gets a Makeover!

Auntie Violet is a VERY happy camper tonight! She's thinking she's pretty special after all of the attention she got today.

This is the table that I have been using as a computer table/desk. (We never eat sitting down at the table...) I had some stacked plastic drawers from the hardware store and a file box that we packed back and forth from the bedroom to keep our papers in.

Forry's recliner was behind the passenger front seat (which is doing dual purpose in this picture as a dryer for jeans!)

When we arrived at the workshop in Junction City yesterday, we got a glimpse of the cabinetry in the shop --

This morning the crew had set it all outside in the sunshine so that it could "tan." Natural cherry darkens in the light and as it ages, so they were giving it a bit of a head start on matching what was already in the coach. At this point, Forry was sure they would never be able to get it through Auntie Violet's doorway!

Here are Bobbie and Scott taking out the table. The cabinets underneath -- which had been pretty much unreachable and therefore unusable -- will stay.

Ah, ha! The cabinets were all in pieces and the fellows had no trouble getting them through the doorway --

That's Bobbie crawling through the file drawer opening to pull through the electrical wiring for the computer --

And here are all of the pieces in place. Notice how much lighter the new cabinets are.

Scott made this little cabinet to go on the wall by the couch to hold CDs. He made it so that I can fit three across.

Here's the finished desk. The bottom file drawer goes almost the full length of the desk. The top drawer is a shelf for my printer/copier/scanner and the surge protector. There is another short file drawer on the bottom right.

Here's the desk with the top up and the computer drawer pulled out. I think I'll get some cork board and make the top a bulletin board...?
This is Scott Adams on the left of Amazing Creations and Bobby Volden on the right of Kustom Coach Works. Besides being exacting craftsmen, they are fun to work with. And they didn't even mind Forry and I hanging around to watch them work!

Seriously, if you have any desire to remodel the inside of your coach, these are the fellows to see. Bobby (541-501-3371) specializes in installation and modification of Audio, Video, Cabinetry, Flooring, 110v & 12v systems. Scott (541-556-0501) specializes in RV custom woodworking. And they have lots of room in their parking lot for you to spend the night!

Without a doubt, tonight Auntie Violet is a HAPPY camper!

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