Monday, November 30, 2015

The Last Day of November

it's hard to believe that another month is already gone. At the rate they are flying by, we'll be writing 2016 before we know it. It was another chilly day - clear and crisp. There wasn't the breeze today, so it felt warmer when we went for our walk.

I got the sheets washed this afternoon, but I can't say I accomplished a whole lot more than that. I did some browsing for Cyber Monday, but didn't find anything that struck my fancy. There are some incredible deals out there if you're in the market for anything electronic.

We did watch the special program tonight celebrating Charlie Brown's 50th Christmas Story Special on TV. It was interesting to learn how it had all come together. Then to watch the show afterwards was pretty special.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


It was not quite sixty degrees in the living room when I got up this morning. The AquaHot was just not keeping up! I turned on the little electric heater and it was a bit better by the time Forry got up.
I took out the garbage for pickup and brought in the Sunday paper and shivered! There was just enough of a breeze to make it very chilly. I could see people out walking their dogs with coats and gloves on.

We did go out for a fairly long walk this afternoon before we settled in to watch the Seahawks game. Forry has been walking much better the last couple of days. Improvement has been slow, but there is improvement.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Busy Day

What a difference a good night's sleep makes! I was up early enough to get the trash from Thanksgiving Day prep and from yesterday's mail delivery out for pickup. I also took a garbage bag and batches of paper towels out and cleaned out the grease tray on the BBQ. There was as much fat from the duck as there had been from before. I felt a bit guilty - I know that my Grandma Kubik would most definitely saved that duck fat for her baking.

Then I started on the laundry. I got all of the laundry basket emptied and done. I still need to wash sheets, but I'll save that for another day...

We have new neighbors. It's a young couple with a little girl - she looks about three or four - and a three month old baby boy. They have a little trailer that reminds me of the first one we had. Except when MM and Sean were that small, we were still tent camping. I have vivid memories of a jar of baby food beets I was warming on our little tent heater, "burping" all over the inside of the tent! Sean must have been just a bit over two and MM about five when we got our Aristocrat trailer that we pulled with our Travelall.

It was chilly here again today. We finally broke down and got out one of our little electric heaters. I think the high today was only in the mid- sixties...

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Day After

i was cranky this morning. Mainly because I didn't sleep well. When Forry's CPAP mask doesn't fit well - which means when his beard needs trimming - it tends to squeal. I had just dropped off to sleep last night when a loud squeal came from his side of the bed. Followed by a squeal with every breath he took. By the time I woke him up enough to get him to readjust his mask, I was wide awake again!

I don't easily fall asleep, unlike he who shares a bed with me who drops off the minute his head hits the pillow. So I used my breathing exercises and had almost put myself back to sleep when there was a series of snorts from the other side of the bed. They started low and escalated to the sounds an angry bull might make. This time it was harder to rouse him enough to adjust the mask.

And so it went off and on the rest of the night. Normally, once I have fallen asleep, I don't hear the squeals and snorts. Actually,most of the time, he sleeps very quietly with the CPAP. Nothing at all like the snoring used to be!

It was a very chilly day today. The sky was clear and blue, but I don't think it got above 70 degrees all day. We had a big box of mail from Daughter MM, with lots to read and sort. I spent an hour or so stripping the meat from what was left of the duck so that I could make a pot pie for supper. All of the meat on a duck is dark meat, which is why it's a favorite of ours. We had half the pie tonight, so I know what's for supper tomorrow!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving blessings to everyone!

We had a pretty relaxed day. I made my Mom's candied sweet potatoes, a pan of dressing, and some jellied cranberries. We put the duck on the little barbecue to cook. When I went to turn it over, the BBQ was cold, so Forry made a quick trip down to the gas station to refill the propane tank and we were back in business. The duck actually turned out quite well.

We watched Texas A&M beat Gonzaga by one basket; we saw part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and managed to sort through and discard most of the fattest newspaper I have ever seen. Some of the ads for Black Friday were almost like catalogs.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I had been fussing at Forry to get the little barbecue out of the bay for me as I wanted to check it out before I had to use it to barbecue the duck I bought for tomorrow. I also wanted to make sure that the aluminum pan I bought yesterday was big enough for it to sit on and protect our little table.

In his usual style, Forry had not bothered to clean it before he put it away (probably hadn't ever cleaned it...), so it was a greasy mess. I pulled out the little drain pan from the bottom which was full of gross dusty semi-solid grease. I ended up getting the roll of paper towels and a plastic bag (to contain it all) and went to work. Forry took the wire brush and started working on the rack and frame. After we got it as clean as possible, he connected the gas and we ran it for a while to burn off what was left.

I'm not sure how long it's been since we used it - I stopped coaxing Forry to barbecue after I got my George Foreman grill. I know it's been a while as I've nearly worn the grill out...

I saw in the Spokane paper today that one of our neighbors from the Carico Hills had passed away. Donnie and Betty lived on the next farm over when I was a teenager. Forry and I used to make nightly calls on the shared party line - Donnie would give us a bad time if we talked too long. I am so glad that we had a chance to visit them at Monroe House in Moses Lake before we came south this fall. Donnie was 92 years old.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another Gorgeous Day

It was another beautiful day today. The temp made it up to 80 degrees with lovely sunshine. It clouded over a bit in the afternoon, but we had a gorgeous sunset.

We went into Fountain Hills this afternoon and made some stops looking for a small (12-18 inches) Christmas tree. I had a perfect one for several years that my friend Danny gave me many years ago when I was the administrator at the Ritzville hospital. It was about fourteen inches tall with lights and ornaments. I re-wired and repaired it for years, but it finally just disintegrated. It was the perfect size to put in the front windshield of Auntie Violet.

The smallest ones they had at Ace Hardware were four feet high and the lady at the florist shop said that none of the ones she had coming in were all at least five feet...

We went on to Safeway and picked up groceries. I had to chuckle at the ladies I heard discussing whether or not they should buy fresh cranberries or buy canned sauce. They concluded that they had this same discussion every year and ended up buying canned sauce since neither one knew how to make fresh cranberries look like the ones in the can...

When we got home and finally got all the groceries put away (my most favorite task - NOT!), I went on line and looked for small trees on Amazon. Had to expand my search to include artificial and lit, but I found all kinds of trees I could order. None of them were as cute as the one Danny got me so long ago, but I think I've found one that will work.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sad Monday

We watched our friends Colleen and Dennis turn the corner towing their trailer, heading up the road and away. They were on their way to Cave Creek and a show they will be vending at this coming weekend. We wish them Godspeed and great shows! After holiday visits to their kids and gkids, they will be back in this area in February.

After they left, we walked over to the office, taking our aluminum cans over to be recycled and to pick up the mail. We not only had prescriptions in the mail, but we received a copy of The Beacon at our winter address as well.

It was a beautiful day today. It got up to 80 degrees with only a bit of a breeze. One of the roadrunners ran down the sidewalk from the office in front of me, then perched on a post and posed for a picture. We've seen more of them this year already than we have seen in all the years we've been down here.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pow Wow!

When I asked Colleen and Dennis if they would be interested in going to the Pow Wow with us on Sunday, I was surprised to hear that Colleen had never been to one. We picked them up a little after ten this morning and went across the Verde River bridge to the fairgrounds. The Fort McDowell  Yavapai Nation celebrates the Orme Dam Victory Days with a Pow Wow and a Rodeo. The event celebrates the Yavapai Nation's victory in a ten year fight with the Interior Department that wanted to build the Orme Dam at the confluence of the Salt and Verde Rivers which would have created a reservoir flooding more than half of their reservation.

We were plenty early and after scouting out the situation under the big tent where the dancing was going to be held, we decided to drive the three miles back to the RV Park and get our lawn chairs. There were metal bleachers set up at each end, but the rest of the seating was all private lawn chairs. We just couldn't see any of us sitting in the backless bleachers for very long.

We set our chairs up, then went out to explore the vender area - and get some fry bread! There were four or five booths selling fry bread and various versions of mutton stew and Indian tacos. The one we got our fry bread at was also barbecuing strips of lamb for their dinner plate that also included corn on the cob, salad and a roasted poblano pepper. It smelled so good, but was way more food than we wanted so early in the morning.

We ate our fry bread - with powdered sugar and honey - then wandered back over to the tent where the drums were starting. This Pow Wow was a bit different then some of the others we have seen. In addition to the usual Grand Entry and the Honors for Veterans, they had a hand drum competition where the groups of three to five drummers each sang two songs. It was fun to see the groups borrowing hand drums from each other. The other novel competition was a team dance competition. Several teams of again three to five dancers, of all different styles and both genders competed. The winner was a group of lovely female Jingle Dancers. We chatted a bit later with one of the male group dancers (his car was parked next to ours). He said the groups were put together last night and had never actually danced together until the first dance of the contest! He laughed and said they did a lot better during the second dance of the set when they had a better idea of what they were doing.

After the colors were retired, we headed back to the Casino and ate dinner at their Cafe 87. It was an enjoyable way to spend our last day with Dennis and Colleen as they are leaving tomorrow morning for their next vending show in Cave Creek.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Toes and Fingers

This morning Colleen and I left the fellows at home and went into Fountain Hills to get mani-pedis. We didn't have appointments, but figured most of the places took walk-ins. We checked first with the place near Safeway that I had gone to last spring, but they didn't have any openings until two and would have to do us one after the other.

So we went and got the car gassed while Colleen checked her phone to find another place. She found one that was close called Fountain Hills Nails that could take us both at noon. As we had a couple of hours to kill, we went to the post office where Colleen had a bunch of bracelets and other orders to get in the mail. Then, of course, we needed to eat lunch. We were close to Phil's Service Station Cafe, so went there. I had forgotten what huge servings they fix. My chicken salad sandwich had over an inch of filling. Colleen's Club sandwich was so thick she had to take some of the meat out in order to even bite into it! Neither one of us was able to eat more than a half.

The nail place was just a block or so away. What a nice place it turned out to be! A very friendly Viernamese family ran it. They were both efficient and friendly. I now have nice bright red toenails!

It was a lovely way to spend a day.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Mesa Marketplace

Our friends Colleen and Dennis didn't have a show this weekend, so we decided to go with them to visit some of their vendor friends that have booths at the Mesa Marketplace. We have gone by there often in previous years in Arizona, but have never stopped by.

I was a little concerned when I heard how large a venue it was. Forry had brought his cane, but it looked like it might be a lot of walking. The first thing we saw when we turned into the parking lot was a sign that said "Scooter Rentals - This Aisle." Having rented scooters before, we immediately headed that way. This concession was a little different. Instead of a flat fee like the places where we've gotten them before, these guys had an hourly rate. You signed them out, then paid when you returned. They actually turned out to be cheaper than others we've used.

The Marketplace is HUGE! I think it is as large as the big tent at Quartzite, but without the crowds (though we were told that in another month the crowds will be wall-to-wall.). There are four long corridors with vender booths on either side along with venders along the connecting corridors.

Many of the vendors are selling the same kind of "Imported from China" stuff that you see at every flea market; others are more on the order of the hand-crafted jewelry you see at the art fairs. It sounds like you rent a booth, then basically staff it at least four days a week. The friends of Colleen and Dennis kept talking about how much they enjoyed not having to continually have to take down and set up their booths and wares.

I ended up buying a couple of new tunics and a t-shirt while Forry bought a new cane (now maybe he'll give my purple one back!).

Since we were in Mesa already, we decided to go to Waldo's Barbecue for dinner. We all ended up ordering our usual delicious half racks of baby back ribs - and we all ended taking home leftovers! I kept looking around as this BBQ joint that we've gone to for many years seemed "different." When Forry finally said something about the signs, which are posted all over, being different, we finally realized that the place had been repainted! The signs and pictures were now in artful arrangements instead of just stuck up haphazardly. Our waiter told us that the entire staff had come in one morning to paint.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day of Accomplishments

Tonight is the end of one of those days when I feel like we have really accomplished quite a lot. Some of it was pretty mundane - now that we no longer have a leak, I did three loads of laundry.

Another was pretty nice. Forry walked with me half way across the RV park to Colleen and Dennis's trailer. It's the longest walk he's taken and he actually felt pretty good once we got there. Their rig is set up so that they have Dennis's shop in the front toy-hauler portion. We sat and visited for a while.

While we were visiting, I got a call from Chris Yust, the insurance broker I had contacted about a quote on insurance for the RV and the Toad. She had emailed me quotes from a couple of companies last night that I wanted to chat with her about. I scurried back (Colleen gave Forry a ride home later.) over to our place so that I could call her back where I had access to the documents on my computer. We talked for almost an hour comparing policies and finding out what she could do.

I did discover one of the reasons why we were quoted such a large increase with our existing policy. Seems there is a big jump in rates for males at age 70 and another at age 75. Forry turns 76 this year...

We were able to get a policy rate for next year that was about four hundred dollars less then the rate we were originally offered. It intrigues me that I was able to pay for the policy with a direct bank check and sign the policy electronically. Chris was at her home office in Texas and I am in Arizona and the policy is based on our Washington State domicile - isn't it amazing?!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Shrimp and Chocolate Cake

Colleen had some incredible large raw shrimp she got when they were in Loa Algodonas from a street vender. She thawed and peeled them and brought them over tonight and made sciampi for dinner. I made a green salad and some rolls, we had a feast. We ate over at our place so that we could watch the Gonzaga basketball game. Colleen had bought a chocolate cake with a luscious mousse topping that we enjoyed at half-time.

It was a good day today - I have water without turning on the pump! Gene showed up after lunch with the new back flow valve in hand. It didn't take him more than an hour to get it installed. He also took a look at the setup under the sink and thinks he was able to figure out how to put a valve in the hot water line for the dishwasher. Of course, that means he has to order a part and make another trip out here. I have not been able to use the dishwasher since we had a new kitchen faucet installed in Oregon. The attachment for the dishwasher does not snap unto the new faucet.

It's been a good basketball game. Gonzaga pulled out ahead of Northern Arizona early in the first half and haven't given up the lead since.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


It was nice to wake to blue skies this morning after three cloudy rainy days. It was still chilly however, I don't think it got above 70 today. I won't complain though. We've been following the nasty winds and rains in Washington - I saw tonight that there were so many downed trees and power lines in Spokane that they were telling people to "shelter in place" and to stay away from windows. Interstate 90 was closed in the western portion of the Columbia Basin due to blowing dust. Glad we are not there!

Gene's RV called today and said Gene would be out tomorrow morning after he picked up the part. I hope it's the right one and we finally get this leak business taken care of. It's a real pain to have to keep shutting the water pump off and on when I'm trying to cook. There is a switch in the bathroom and one in the front of the coach, but none in the kitchen where I need it.

I spent a bit of time this afternoon looking for alternative RV insurance. Ours has gone up $880 this year. The agent assured me last summer that the blow-out damage the tire did to our car was a "no-fault" incidence and shouldn't affect our rates, so I don't know what the increase reflects. C and C RV Insurance has been recommended to us, but the web-site seems to be down...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Here a Leak

Auntie Violet has been fighting with a fresh water leak for a long time now. We thought we had it taken care of when we had a new water pump put in when we were in Chehalis. They had to special order it and we spent an extra day there waiting for it.

But, only a few days later, we once more noticed a drip. As we progressed on our trip, it seemed to come and go. After we got settled in at Eagle View RV Resort, we noticed it pretty much every day. The water pressure here is quite high and pretty soon we were noticing a puddle...

We got to the point where we were concerned enough to shut the water off at night and when we were gone. Unfortunately, neither of us is agile enough anymore to crawl underneath the coach to tighten whatever was loose. So last week Forry called Gene's Mobile Service, the fellow we had called last year to fix our electrical cord. He said he would be able to come out on Monday between ten and two.

After waiting, Forry called the office about 2:15 and was told he was running behind. Gene called about three and said he would be here in about half an hour. When he arrived, he crawled under and said he found a leaking back pressure valve. Of course, that's not a part he carries in his truck. So when he goes back into town, he'll order one. I guess he'll call tomorrow to let us know how long it will take to get it...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Rainy Sunday

It was almost midnight last night by the time the WSU Cougars beat UCLA in their football game and probably closer to 1 AM when we got to bed. Therefore there wasn't much activity at our house until fairly late this morning.

I had read all of the Sunday papers by the time Forry showed his face out in the living room. It had rained during the night and kept it all day long and into this evening. It's great weather for curling up with a book and an afghan. I wish Forry would put out his rain gauge - I'm curious how much rain we've actually gotten as it's rained quite hard several times.

I found a can of chicken and put together a pot of noodle soup for supper. Carrots, onions, celery, noodles and chicken stock made for an okay meal.

Once again we are watching football, this time the NFL game with the Seahawks versus the Arizona Cardinals. The first half was not so good, but the second half seems to be going better.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fountain Hills Festival

After a day of showers - and having to add water to the fresh tank in the middle of mine - we got organized and went into Fountain Hills to see a portion of their November Festival. Since it was Saturday afternoon, the Post Office was closed, so we were able to park in their parking lot. This is the end of town where the Recycled Spoon ended up having their booth this year.

It's a huge art festival - I heard there were more than 500 artists represented. There were booths on both sides of the streets with some down the middles as well. The Recycled Spoon was about five sites into their row. Forry stayed and visited at the booth while I took a look at a few of the booths. There are some impressive works of art - some with several thousand dollar price tags!

The Festival shuts down at 5, so we went from there to dinner. We decided to try a new place that we found on YELP, called Desert Dave's Ol' Digs. It was NOT what we expected. I expected more of a saloon type atmosphere with that name. Instead it was a rather elegant nice place with a pianist playing dinner music. The food was pretty good. Colleen and I had rib steaks while the fellows enjoyed huge bison burgers.

We got home in time to watch Oregon win their football game against Stanford; now we watch the WSU vs UCLA game and hope that Washington wins their game as well!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

Don't know why it is that Friday the 13th has such a bad rap, but it was interesting to read all the articles in the paper this morning. It's fascinating how different superstitions rank in different countries around the world.

For Colleen and Dennis, today was a bit lucky. They went over to the Fountain Hills Festival this morning and actually ended up getting a spot! They met another lady while waiting that said she had been at the show for five years in a row, and was also not on the list this year.

After we heard they were going to be vending, I told them I would have supper ready when they got back. I put a pork roast and some Yukon Gold potatoes in the oven to roast, then steamed some butternut squash.

I cannot imagine coming home and cooking dinner after being on my feet all day. I think that normally they go out to eat, but that's got to get old as well.

Tomorrow we'll go in and see some of the show and then we'll go out to eat...

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Windy, chilly day today! The cold front from California has settled in solidly. It was only supposed to last a day, but now they are predicting it'll be here all week. It's nice during the day when the sun is shining, but the minute the sun goes down, it's cold!

The new floor robot, Bob, was fully charged this morning, so we turned him loose on the floor. It's amazing how much dust and fuzz it picks up. We finally blocked off the bedroom as we couldn't seem to teach him not to go down the side of the bed and get stuck there. It's breath-holding to watch him approach right to the edge of the front steps and back off.

I was going to put a pork roast in the oven for us tonight when Forry remembered tonight was a Crab Feed night over at the casino. We picked Dennis and Colleen up a little after five and headed over to the Red Rock Buffet over at the Fort McDowell Casino. Colleen and Dennis had to stop and get a Fortune Club cards, which gave them $5 each off on the crab dinner.

They changed things around at the buffet from last year. There are now servers at a station that give out the crab halves. Last year, they were at a serve yourself table and people would load their own plates, rummaging through the pans looking for the largest legs and sometimes piling their plates almost a foot high. This change seemed to work much more smoothly. You got your three to four halves, then they gave you a cup of melted butter from a large urn.

The Queen Crabs were delicious! We all ate until we were full. I ended up cracking crab for both Forry and Dennis, Forry said I was cracking it faster than he could eat it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Queen Creek

We took a day trip over to the town of Queen Creek with our friends Dennis and Colleen today. I was totally out of olive oil. Thanks to my friend Leslie, I still had some lime flavored olive oil, and I have half of a bottle of Blood Orange flavored oil, but that's it. I could have gone on the Internet and ordered some from them, but it is much more fun to go over to where they actually press the olives.

We left here a little after ten am after I rearranged the stuff in the back of Toad II so that we could set the back seats up. (I really do have to spend some time sorting through the stuff that is back there!) Now that Loop 202 around Phoenis is finished, it took us less than an hour compared to the couple of hours it used to take.

When we got to the Olive Mill, the lunch line was almost out the door! It cleared out fairly fast and I found out later that much of their lunch business is called-in take-out orders which moved fairly fast. I got a couple of large bottles of EVOO, one a "delicate" one and the other a "robust," along with another bottle of lime. I had to pick up a couple of jars of olives - one with lemon slices and the other with Mesquite Smoked Marcona almonds. I also picked up a jar of tamponade, a green olive pate'. Colleen also did some shopping. I took it all out to the car, then we joined the boys for lunch.

The food at the Olive Mill is fantastic! I had a BLT panini that had thick sliced bacon dashed with Balsamic vinegar - delicious! Colleen had a three cheese toasted panini while the fellows both enjoyed roast beef. Add some gelato for dessert and we were definitely happy. I ended up buying a mixed box of cupcakes, lemon, lime and blood orange, that we split and enjoyed later in the afternoon.

We returned home in time for some short naps before Colleen came over to work on removing and smoothing the screw backs on some conchos that they are preparing for bracelets (since we are in an outside row, she can work outside at our place without disturbing any neighbors.).

After our great lunch and our cupcake break, we were full enough to just settle for cheese and crackers for supper. It was a good day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A New Great Niece

Today was a very special day for my Brother Pat and his family. My Sister-in-law Cindy's birthday was today. Their oldest daughter Becky's little baby girl was born today. What a neat birthday present for Grandma! We are delighted for their whole family. Brother Pat now has three little granddaughters to go with the four grandsons!

While awaiting the announcement of the baby's arrival, I made a quick trip into Fountain Hills to take her second set of keys in to my friend Colleen who was stranded at Safeway after she'd accidentally locked her keys in her van. Sometimes it's nice to be able to help - and it even got me out of the house for a while.

On the way home, I got a glimpse of a couple of the wild horses that roam the Yavapai Apache reservation. A mare was eating alongside the road ahead of me while her colt, which looked to be about a yearling, was still on the other side. Fortunately, the car ahead of me had slowed way down and we were both able to pass without spooking the colt into running ahead of us.

At the corner, turning onto McDowell Road, I saw a roadrunner going across the clearing on the other side. That's the third one I've seen this week. I think I've seen more roadrunners so far this year then I saw all of last year.

Monday, November 9, 2015


Our friends Colleen and Dennis arrived at Eagle View today! We knew they were on their way from Tubac, but they arrived much sooner than we had expected. We made a quick run into Safeway in Fountain Hills to pick up some carrots for the pot roast I was planning to make for dinner tonight and some root beer for Dennis. They were here before we got back.

It was so good to see them, it is a touch of home! We sat and visited for a long time this afternoon. We are going to take a couple of day trips this week. I am really looking forward to it.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Afternoon

After a rather lazy day, we went out for an afternoon walk. The gully in front of us is the one the cows occasionally use as they come up out of the river valley and wander along the fence and back down again. Not sure what the attraction is, there's nothing to eat along here -

This is looking towards the west along the fence line. As you can see, all of the RVs are facing away from the river valley. I don't quite understand why the people who designed the park set it up so that the electric, water and sewer hookups are set up that way. I think most people would rather look out at the greenery than across a paved road to other RVs.

Our site is one of the few where we can park the other way without infringing on our neighbor's privacy. And at that, we couldn't do it unless we had the long cables and hoses.

It was VERY nice today, in the 80s again. But, I'm wishing we would have a couple of very frosty nights - I'm getting tired of those blanket-blank flies!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Football

It seems that Saturday's have turned into a college football watching day. For the second week in a row, we have been able to watch Wasington State University football. WSU is part of the Pac12 Football TV Network which we normally are unable to receive (Direct TV doesn't carry the Pac12 Network!). But last week ESPN carried the game and today they were on FoxSports1. We've tried to see if we could spot Brother Pat and Nephew Jared, but haven't had much luck.

We had a nice long telephone chat with Daughter Dawn today and got caught up on Grandson Micah and Granddaughter Kyra and their activities. Cant't believe Micah is getting to school by 6:30 for Jazz Band practice with his trombone - not sure I could do it. Micah and his Dad were off doing Boy Scout stuff, Ky was working, so Dawn was getting ready to paint the bathroom. It makes for a busy household when you've got teenagers.

It was another gorgeous day today in Arizona. It was a bit warmer, I think it got up to 80 degrees.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Another chilly sunny day. This cold snap is setting records throughout Arizona. It got down to 43 degrees in Phoenix last night. Makes one very glad for electric heating pads.

It was another relatively quiet day. I did three loads of laundry this afternoon. Dried some in the machine and hung up the rest to dry - that way I don't have to iron.

I had an early morning chat with Sister Sherry who was excited about finding a recipe on the Internet to replicate the licorice caramels I sent her for her birthday! She can share them with Forry if she likes, but keep them away from me! I do NOT like the taste - or smell - of black licorice!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Grocery Day

We woke up this morning to clear blue skies after almost three days of intermittent rain showers. While the sun was out, there was a breeze and it was cool. I shivered when I read notes and posts from several of my Washington friends on Facebook showing the snow they got last night and this morning.

Our Keurig coffeemaker has bit the dust and is resisting all efforts to revive it. I've been on line looking for a new one. I had read somewhere that there is now a new one designed for small offices that has a larger water reservoir as well as a better pump. The one we saw at Costco is the same as the one we have, so I guess I'll look into ordering one. In the meantime, Forry has been going over to the clubhouse with our mugs in hand in the morning for coffee to ward off the dreaded caffeine withdrawal headaches. (I had a nurse working for me in the ER once who was convinced he had a brain tumor when, unbeknownst to him, his wife substituted decaf for his regular coffee in his thermos...!)

Early this afternoon, we went in to Fountain Hills to the Safeway store there. We didn't leave grocery shopping for so long this time, so it was an easier load and unload and haul stuff into the house than usual. I suppose it's a trade-off between disliking grocery shopping so much that I put it off and waiting so long it's a pain for both of us to get stuff in and put away.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


It was a rainy night, with off and on showers all night. It rained again a couple times during the morning, then we saw a little blue sky. But by late afternoon, the dark clouds had moved back in and we are once again getting hard rain showers.

We did a lot of the routine household stuff today. We took showers; I drained the black and the grey tanks; Forry put new washers in the water intake connector. I put the washer/dryer combo through the monthly cleaning cycle, then washed and dried a load of towels and rags. I'd been cleaning the inside of the windows since the outsides had all gotten washed yesterday, so I had quite a pile.

We restarted our winter subscription to the Arizona Republic yesterday, so got the first paper copy today. I read most of the newspapers on-line: the Spokane and Seattle papers and the news editions of the New York Times and the Washington Post, but Forry likes doing the paper Sudoku puzzles and reading the local area trip reports.

We had an extra treat today when Granddaughter Havelita called and chatted while she was waiting at the pizza shop for dinner to take home for the company she and Ben were having tonight. We enjoy our chats with her, but sure wish they were closer!

One thing about all the nice rains we've been having is that we should have a greened up desert and maybe even flowers when Daughter Mary Mae and her family are here for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Water, Water & More Water

We got going early this morning. I thought Andrew and his crew from ANS Detailing were going to be here at 8:30, but they were here at 8! I had been out to set the garbage out by the road for the collection and turn on the water (we've been shutting it off at night as the pressure is so high.) and had the door open. I assume the crew saw the open door and thought they might as well get busy.

We have had these same fellows wash and wax the RV and the car the last three years when we have arrived in Arizona.They go back home to South Dakota during the summer and work up there, then return to Arizona and wash rigs here. Andrew sounds like me, he says he just doesn't like cold.

It was amazing how muddy the water coming off the roof was. We knew the rig was dirty - all you had to do was look at the car! The windshield was really buggy. We had tried cleaning it a few times when we made diesel stops, but neither of us can do a very good job of lifting that long-handled squeegee. It is really clean now - Andrew even came in and cleaned the inside!

Of course, since everything was all clean and shiny, we started having rain showers. Tonight we've been having thunderstorms. We get more rain showers as each cloud comes over. I guess as long as we don't have dust storms mixed in, it won't undo all of the fellows work.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Costco Trip

We had been putting off a trip to Costco until we got settled in a bit, but today was the day. Besides a vitamin resupply, I needed to buy meat. I ended up with some good-looking ribeye steaks and a nice pork loin. I repackaged the steaks individually to freeze. I cut the loin up into half a dozen small roasts, some smaller cuts to use for stir fry, and some chops. I'd also bought some peeled shrimp, some tempura shrimp and some frozen French onion soup. My little freezer is stuffed.

Forry restocked some of his liquor supply (a lot less tax in Arizona!) as well as bought a case of the "Ice", the flavored fizzy water that he likes. By the time we got everything packed into the house and put away, we were pooped.

We had a nice break soon after we got home with a "Skype" call with Granddaughter Havela. Great-granddaughter Kahlyn is three months old now and fun to interact with. We got to watch her roll over and listen to her chatter with us. I sure wish we were close enough to snuggle in person.

Today is Sister Sherry's birthday.nafter several attempts during the day, I finally got to talk to her this evening and wish her "Happy Birthday!"

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Football and Baseball...

It's been one of those days. Forry started out the day watching football and it's ending with us watching Kansas City tie their game against the Mets in the 9th inning of the fifth game of the World Series.

Because the Seahawks game was so close and so tense we couldn't leave while it was on. Then it was time for the baseball game, so we never even got out the door to take a walk today!

I fixed orange rolls and pork sausage for breakfast, then fried up bacon chunks to mix with scrambled eggs for supper. Some biscuits and blackberry jam to go with made a pretty good meal.