Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thoughts on Mother's Day

This pretty digitalis plant (foxglove) was a present from Forry for Mother's Day. It's going to ride around with us in Auntie Violet as long as it is blooming, then we'll find a place to plant it.

Mother's Day is now a bittersweet day for me as both my mother and my mother-in-love have passed. Someone told me once that as long as you still have memories and thoughts about someone, they are alive in your heart -- and I think that's true. I do enjoy thinking about my daughters as mothers and hearing about what they are doing with their children today. There's a certain solid comfort in thinking about generation after generation of mothers.
Today, we joined the celebration of the Idaho Mennonite Churches in worship at Evergreen Heights Mennonite Church in Caldwell, Idaho. The building they worship in started out as a house that was converted into a conference center before they purchased it as a church. It sits on a lovely spot on the hill above Caldwell. They are fortunate to have both a large yard and a large parking lot.

Initial results of yesterday's Idaho World Relief Sale appear to be a little over $40,000 raised. There were a lot of thanks given today. Of course, there is no way you could have a gathering of Mennonites without a potluck! And it was a good one! I tried to only take little tiny samples of the variety of food, but still came away stuffed. A new one to me -- and many others at our table -- was a pie made of cranberries!

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