Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Day in Spokane

Today was the start of our annual summer odyssey of medical visits (that's not quite right, Forry's already seen his dermatologist). It was our first visit with our primary care doctor since Kaiser Permanente absorbed Group Health. Other than signs, everything seemed pretty much the same. Our doctor's medical assistant did say she was nervous about potential changes - mainly because they have only been told there will be changes, not what they are.

After our medical visits, we made a Costco run. It was a very utilitarian visit. I needed things like TP and tissues. I did find some nice apricots and a few California cherries to add to the cart. Next we went out to the Valley JC Penny store and bought some bath towels and rugs.

The best part of going to Spokane was having a late lunch/early dinner at Gordy's! The special tonight was a beef tenderloin and red pepper stir-fry. It was delicious! As usual, we topped it off with a dish of vanilla ice cream with their chocolate orange rind sauce. It's so good! And we ended up with a surprise 20% discount for using our STCU card. Guess I should start paying more attention to the notes about the Passport program on their website.

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