Thursday, June 8, 2017

Catch-up Day

As you can imagine, we are both emotionally and physically exhausted. We slept in this morning, then Forry drained the tanks and I started on the laundry.

It was cloudy and chilly today. We did get one shower early in the afternoon, but it didn't amount to much. When I talked with Sister Sherry, she was getting a thunderstorm and had been chased into the house by rain at least three times.

Grandson Varick graduated from high school this evening and we weren't able to be there. Since we need to be in East Wenatchee tomorrow morning by ten o'clock for Forry's sister's graveside service, we just couldn't make both. We will head over to Mount Vernon after tomorrow's family gathering and at least will be there for Varick's Graduation Party Saturday afternoon.

I bought some cauliflower yesterday at Costco. Tonight I tossed it with olive oil and roasted it in the oven along with some baby potatoes and a couple ears of corn. It made for a good meal to go with the steak I put on the grill.

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