Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another Day

It was slightly cloudy this morning. The clouds thickened throughout the afternoon until it finally started raining. It was a gentle but steady rain for a couple of hours. Along with the rain came a chill. We've gone from 80 degrees yesterday to a high of 53 today.

There was an early Mariners game today. I'm sure it was afternoon in the Twin Cities, but we were watching it this morning. It seems the Mariners and the Twins kept swapping wins - and today it was the Twins turn. They ended up splitting the series. I wonder if we'll ever get our pitchers back?

I spent a bit of time on the computer this afternoon. I've discovered that using the printer as much as possible keeps the printer in working order. Otherwise, the ink dries out and it doesn't print worth beans. It's amazing how well it works if used regularly. Sort of like people, huh?

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