Friday, June 9, 2017

Another Hard Day

We were up early. I had gotten everything packed last night, so it was pretty much shower, eat breakfast and go. Not knowing if the cool weather was going to hold, I soaked my plants as we were going out the door.

The service for Forry's Sister Grace was at the Memorial Gardens Cemetery in East Wenatchee. The staff of the cemetery had done a good job of putting up arrows to direct you to the proper portion of the cemetery. The chaplain from the hospital who had been with us at the hospital conducted the short service. After his comments, the nine adult children toasted their mother with a glass of the Manichevitz wine she enjoyed every afternoon.  Many of Grace and Les' 27 grandchildren were there with their families. It was quite a crowd.

After the service and visiting a bit with family we got back on the road and headed over Stevens Pass on Hwy 2. It was a beautiful drive with lots of wild flowers on the roadside. I was excited to see a couple of flowering digitalis plants. Then as we went on, they were on the roadside by the hundreds! The road is narrow, two lane and curvy. There was lots of traffic which made for somewhat tense driving.

But we made good time and arrived at Daughter Mary Mae's by four o'clock. Sister Roxy was already there, hard at work prepping the ingredients for tomorrow's taco party for Grandson Varick's graduation from high school. I helped a bit cutting up tomatoes and peppers, then took a nap!

It's Son-in-law Scott's birthday today, so I had gotten him a Starbucks card. The fellow at the store said he was out of the envelopes for the cards, so took a small cup, filled it half full of coffee beans, stuck the gift card in and popped a lid on. It made for a cute gift.

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