Saturday, June 3, 2017

Broken Ribs

Trying to let Forry's sister Grace breath without the ventilator again didn't work very well. Her breaths were too shallow to be effective. Another scan shows that she has SEVEN broken ribs on each side - no wonder she can't take deep breaths! The CPR definitely restarted her heart, but I guess at 89, you can expect collateral damage. So we wait for ribs to heal...

Funky day today; slightly cloudy and nice and warm. Listened to a webinar this morning in preparation for next month's biennial Mennonite USA convention in Orlando. Much of it was very familiar from my years of serving on the Executive Board, but there was also a good discussion of the Israel/Palestine Resolution which is on the docket for the July meeting.

I made beef kabobs for supper tonight; adding Walla Walla green onions, pineapple squares, grape tomatoes and par-boiled miniature potatoes. We had some of yesterday's potato salad as well. Good stuff!

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