Friday, June 2, 2017

A Tough Day

We got a message late last night from Forry's nephew John that his Mom, Forry's 89 year old sister Grace, was in the ICU at Wenatchee Medical Center. She had collapsed at home earlier. The EMTs had had to do CPR in the ambulance, in the process breaking a couple of ribs and causing a pneumothorax. She's is on a ventilator and is non-responsive.

First thing this morning we headed for the hospital and spent the afternoon in Grace's room, visiting with her husband Lester and seven of their nine children, some of whom we had not seen for more than twenty years.

It was a bittersweet afternoon, having a chance to see so many of her family, but not being able to communicate with her. Grace is eleven years older than Forry and is his only living sibling (his brother Melvin was killed in a farm accident in 1961.).

We can only wait and see if Grace is able to recover. We covet your prayers. It's been a tough day.

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