Thursday, June 22, 2017

ANOTHER Trip to Town

We got an email from the bank last night saying they had gotten the approval for the flood insurance. BUT, it had been so long since they had started the process that the bank statements we gave them were outdated and we needed to bring them current ones! So back into town we went this morning!

Since there is a three day "cooling off" period before we can sign the papers, it looks like it will be the middle of next week at the earliest... Perhaps, it will actually happen before the end of the month?

We took the rocking lawn chairs from the patio here over to the new house this morning. They look pretty nice sitting on the deck outside the master bedroom.

I badly needed a haircut and Forry was looking shaggy, so instead of getting it done in Spokane, we decided to check out the shop here in Moses Lake. Even checking in on-line, we had about a half hour wait. With only two girls working today, they were very busy. We saw half a dozen people leave as they didn't want to wait 45-60 minutes. I think I got a pretty good haircut and Forry looks nice. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow after it gets washed.

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