Monday, June 19, 2017

Finally, An At-home Day

Man, it got HOT today! It was 98 degrees this afternoon. I don't like it when it goes from chilly to hot so terribly fast. No time for one's body to adjust.

At least I had a bit of energy this morning. I had gone to bed early last night which may have helped. I cleaned up the weekend's scattered dishes and loaded the dishwasher. Then started a load of white clothing in the Splendide. Only after I had those electrical servants working did I sit down for my first cup of coffee. Somewhere in there, I also cleaned up the bathroom sink and counter. Not that it needed it or anything like that!

I don't think I've done any laundry since we got back from our last weekend's trips to Wenatchee and Mount Vernon. The drying rack in the living room is loaded. It's a good thing it was so hot this morning. The first load of clothes was dry enough for Forry to fold so that there was room for the next ones.

I did break down and shut all the windows so that I could turn on the A/C. On a day like today it is easy for me to give up my dislike of closed windows and put up with the noise of the A/C. We pulled the front curtains as well. It really helped to not have the sun shining in through that big front windshield.

I bought some pre-made skewers at Safeway the other day. Each skewer had pineapple, onions, peppers and mushrooms already on it. I thawed and marinated a thick piece of sirloin steak that I had sliced into one inch cubes. After grilling the pre-made skewers on all sides,  I threaded the steak on skewers and quickly grilled them as well. It made a really nice dinner without a lot of fuss.

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