Friday, June 2, 2017


When Forry talked to his Brother-in-law Les today, he was told there was some improvement in his Sister Grace's condition. They closed off the breathing tube for a short period and she took some breaths on her own, but not enough to take it out. They'll try again tomorrow. Les sounded much more hopeful today then he had been yesterday...

Since we were gone on the first, I went up to the office to pay the site rent for the month. I was only going to pay for a couple weeks, but it's almost cheaper to pay for a month. And that way there won't be any hurry if we decide to leave here.

It was a pleasure getting the mail today as there was an announcement/invitation of Grandson Varick's high school graduation party in Mount Vernon on June 10th. He has been battling POTS with horrible migraine headaches for the last several years. Graduation is a major accomplishment for him!

What started out as a hazy overcast morning morphed into a very nice sunshiny day. I got most of the grass between the patio blocks pulled out while I was talking with Sister Sherry on the telephone this morning. It looks a lot better.

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