Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rest Day

We were up early this morning, but didn't seem to get ourselves organized. We ended up having to get breakfast in Moses Lake after church. It's so hard to have to have a Starbucks Gouda and Bacon or their Double Bacon Breakfast sandwich! Forry really enjoys their Mint Mocha Frappachinos while I still prefer plain ol' nonfat latte's.

Church was interesting this morning. For the first time that I can ever remember, there were NO children in church! A couple of teenagers, but no little ones. Pastor Lyn was alone this morning, Pastor Jeanie is with her recently widowed friend on the Oregon coast.

Forry's Brother-in-law Les seemed pretty discouraged when we talked with him this evening. It has got to be terribly hard to watch your spouse in such difficult circumstances. They are going to do more scans tomorrow and plan next steps.

I made buckwheat pancakes for supper, using the last of my hoarded maple syrup. I guess we really do need to make a Costco run when we go to Spokane this week.

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