Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Critters and Birds

It is just fun to sit inside Auntie Violet and watch the wildlife out of her windows. Especially at a place like this where there is a lot of activity going on. In a way, it is a bit annoying, there is so much bird activity in the trees, but they are hard to spot.

However, sometimes they come right out and show off right where you can see them! These acorn woodpeckers are part of a flock of five or six that come out to play every afternoon. Today they were flying in and out of the trees and off and on of the Toad.

Then there are these little guys that are scampering around all over the place --
And then there are these. There must be a dozen or so in the area --

We made a quick trip into Ramona this morning to the post office to get some packages in the mail, then spent the rest of the day here at the RV Park getting the laundry done.

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