Sunday, March 28, 2010

Julian and Apple Pie...

It was an absolutely beautiful day today. A bit windy, but warm and sunshiny. We were awakened with the buzzing of motorbikes and motorcycles. It sure brought back memories of being in Dulzura last year -- the weekends were always full of bikers enjoying the twisting mountain roads.

We decided to take a run over to nearby Julian this afternoon and check out the apple pie situation. This little early mining town is at a high enough altitude to raise good apples. They have a reputation for both baked goods and apple pie -- and have some kind of apple pie festival every year. Forry had heard one of the MDS folks who had worked up here in the past talking about it. He thought it was our friend Darryll, so called him up and asked him where to find the best place to buy a piece of pie. Darryll was pretty puzzled, had only been in this area with the Ritzville group, so obviously wasn't who had told him about it.

Julian is sort of scattered along the highway in a couple of different chunks. We stopped at one where a little farmer's market was going on; sampled some different nuts, some hard cider, and bought some blood oranges and a loaf of bread. A little later we stopped at Dudley's "Famous Bakery" that advertised pie by the slice. It was packed with a line almost out the door! (In addition to all of the bikers, there was a horde of Miata convertibles who were having a rally in the area.). By the time we got to the counter, all of the pie slices were gone. It was really sad as we ended up having to buy a whole apple pie instead...

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