Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Desert Blooms...

The red tips of an ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens) in bloom are all over the Sonoran Desert these days. According to one of my plant books, these plants can live to be over 200 years old.

This is a portion of the road into KOFA National Wildlife Refuge. It just kept getting narrower and narrower and more and more rutted as it wound up into the refuge. We finally decided we had best turn around and go back while we still could, even in four wheel drive it was getting tough to negotiate.

This is a Fairy Duster (Calliandra eriophylla). It doesn't look like much from a distance -- note the bottom picture -- but when you get close, it is quite dramatic. The plants range from a light pink to a very deep rose. If you have a bit of an imagination, you can certainly see how it got its name.

Two more of our neighbors left this morning -- it is getting to be a very empty campground! We will only be here two more nights ourselves.

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