Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Last Trip Into Yuma

We needed to stock up on groceries (Forry's jug of cereal milk was Yuck! this morning -- and no way would he use my yogurt...) before we leave Wellton tomorrow. We could have gone into the little grocery store in town, but we had this card for a free "Baby Blossom" appetizer at the Texas Roadhouse in Yuma that had an expiration date of March 31st.

It made complete sense to drive the forty miles into Yuma this evening and eat at the Texas Roadhouse and then go get groceries at a store that also carried Starbucks coffee beans (heaven forbid that we would run out of Starbucks!). Sounded like a plan to me!

We had never been to one of the roadhouse franchises and said as much to the young waitress when she was explaining the menu to us. It turned out to be a pretty fantastic meal! The "Baby Blossom" is very similar to Outback's "Bloomin' Onion" and just as tasty. We decided to go ahead and order full rib racks instead of 1/2 racks or splitting one, thinking that we could have leftovers for our traveling tomorrow. We could have ordered just a single rack and still had leftovers! They did give you a large sharp knife with the cutlery, but we had absolutely no use for it -- the meat on the ribs fell off with a touch of the fork. I also had a huge sweet potato -- actually a yam -- as a side that they fixed with toasted baby marshmallows. They also served wonderful yeast rolls with cinnamon butter, and another side of green beans. Forry was a little more circumspect and had a dinner salad and broccoli as his sides.

Before we finished eating, the manager came over to our table to welcome us as "first-timers" to her restaurant. She gave us another card for a free "Baby Blossom," this one without an expiration date! She said that way we could use it whenever we returned to Arizona OR we could use it at the new Texas Roadhouse franchise restaurant that a friend of theirs was opening soon in Couer d' Alene!

I don't think this is the last time we'll eat at a roadhouse...

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