Saturday, March 27, 2010

WIND and Winding Roads

Nickel sings Country and Western --

Auntie Violet and the Toad settled into Site 106 --

We woke up during the night to Auntie Violet rocking in the wind. We were at 4000 feet at the Acorn Casino and the wind was really blowing! We were awake off and on after that as it just seemed to get gustier. We finally got up and fixed some coffee and cereal which we ate while watching the antics of the Border Patrol and the Sheriff's vehicles in the parking lot. We never did quite figure out who or what they were after, but they were using the motorhomes and 5th wheels in the parking lot to hide their rigs behind. They finally brought in a tow truck and loaded up one car and hauled it away, but I guess we'll never know what was going on.

Such a contrast today as we came through the sand dunes and across the mountains into California. The amount of flowers on the hillsides was just incredible. We'll have to take the toad back in the next couple of days -- when we're not fighting wind gusts and traffic -- and get some pictures. One thing quickly came back to us from being in this area last year -- the roads are twisting and winding!

We got quite a surprise when we were checking into Ramona Canyon RV Resort. The manager was telling us about activities at the resort this week and said they were having a Country & Western singer at the clubhouse tonight that would be a "pass the hat" concert. I said something about the ones at the Gypsy Journal Rally having been pretty lucrative for the performers. They got pretty excited and we realized that's where we had seen each other. Michael Hargis had been one of the entertainers at the Rally!

We got settled in to a pretty nice site in amongst the trees (we saw both woodpeckers and finches while we were hooking up...). It's a lot different here then the desert we have been in for several weeks now.

And we did go to the clubhouse this evening (after a dinner of leftover Roadhouse ribs) for the concert. Nickel, the singer, is developing an act with recorded music which wasn't being very cooperative with her. But, she has a very nice voice and is hilariously funny besides.

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  1. I'll never forget our first encounter with those sand dunes! We were headed for Yuma in 1963 (the Marine Corp base) and thought we were going to live in the desert with nothing but sand! Quite a sight!