Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Off to Kansas City --

Ugh, I hate early morning flights. My flight to Kansas City left Yuma for Phoenix at 7 AM. Getting to the airport by 6 AM meant leaving M & M RV Park at 5 AM. Getting showered and ready to go meant getting out of bed at 4 AM. What a way to start the day! I did manage to sleep most of the way to Phoenix. We were a little bit late getting there, so by the time I went to the other concourse (It's a rule that connecting flights MUST be in a different concourse then the one you arrived in...), they were already loading the flight to Kansas City.

It was a nice flight -- the middle seat in my row was actually empty! I slept part of the way, then enjoyed the chic lit novel I was reading on my Kindle.

I met this afternoon and evening with the Intercultural Reference Committee of Mennonite Church USA. I knew most of the members, but enjoyed getting to meet the few I hadn't had a chance to meet before. We meet again tomorrow at 8 AM, so I'd best wind this up and get to bed as that's 6 AM Yuma time!

By the way, I brought my new little mini HP computer with me. It's a lot nicer typing my blog on it then on my iPhone!

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