Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Last of the Frequent Flyer Miles

Today we passed another milestone. Over the years I had accumulated lots of frequent flyer miles on Alaska Airlines while I was working. I not only flitted back and forth across the state of Washington for meetings, but had visited many states starting rural health associations and speaking at their rural health meetings. After I was elected President of the National Rural Health Association, I also made lots of trips to the "other" Washington (DC).

When I was Moderator of Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference a few years back, I was pretty forceful in encouraging the group to have one of our annual meetings at our furthest outpost, Anchorage, Alaska. We had had a very successful gathering in Kalispell, Montana -- many people planned their vacations for before or after the meetings. It gave a great boost to the little church in Kalispell and made them feel like they truly were part of the conference. We figured by giving everyone several years notice, we could do something similar in Alaska.

So this year, June 25-27, we will be meeting in Anchorage. Forry and I are planning to take Auntie Violet up the ALCAN highway and spend a summer in Alaska, but this was not the year. We debated about whether we should fly up and finally decided that after I had pushed so hard to have it there, we'd better show up.

I got on line with Alaska Airlines today and found I had just enough FF's left for coach tickets for Forry and I! That's the END of the "working woman's" collection of frequent flyer miles. Can't think of a better way to use them.

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