Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Isn't It Monday?

Man, this week is messed up! For some reason, today has felt like Monday all day. Why? I have no idea.

We had an appointment in town at eleven this morning. Got that taken care of, then picked up a few groceries and some graduation gifts. I was going to pick up some more nyjer seed for the finches, but totally spaced it.

I did another couple loads of laundry, mostly jeans, but threw in a pair of sandals with each of them. Walking through the CRP ground on Monday had made a mess of my newer ones. I wore my older pair to town, but realized a bath would do them good as well. I have some really good deodorizing spray for sandals, but occasionally that isn't enough to do the job.

It was chilly and overcast this morning and didn't change much all day. The clouds dissipated about sunset, but it didn't really warm up. One of the Thursday morning ladies stopped by this afternoon with a nice little zip lock bag of radishes from her garden. I was planning to make more potato salad tomorrow, so I was glad to get them. Life is good.

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