Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Very Quiet Day

It was a very quiet day today.  Our next door neighbors in their fifth wheel pulled out very early this morning, before we were even awake. I am sure there will be others coming in for the long weekend, but so far there has been little activity. I know that the new manager said that they were going to be full up except for maybe a couple of tent sites. And she thought those would probably be filled as well.

I finished the last of the piled up laundry. I still can't believe two people can create so many dirty clothes! It was hot enough today that we turned on the air conditioners for the first time since we left Arizona. I do just fine until it gets into the mid or high nineties with the windows open and fans on, but any hotter than that, I wimp out and want the air conditioning on.

I just finished The White Princess by Phillipa Gregory that I picked up at the Salt Lake City airport. It was a good read. I'd like to pick up the rest of her books about English royalty in the 1400s and the War of the Cousins. I'm also reading The Red Dahlia, a mystery that Sister Sherry gave me. Both of them are good reading on a hot summer day.

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