Thursday, July 3, 2014

Some Problem Solving Skills?

We went to the pharmacy at Group Health to pick up the eye drops for my cataract surgery next week. The woman at the window told me they didn't have one of the three in stock (keep in mind that the Eye Clinic called in the order two days ago.). She said I would have to come back on Saturday tho pick it up.  I told her okay, but didn't like the idea of another trip to town. As I was leaving, she said she had better check with the woman who does their ordering to see if their supplier has it.

She came back and said their regular supplier didn't have it, so it would have to be special ordered. And since tomorrow was a holiday, it would be sometime late Monday before it would arrive. I told her that would not work as I was supposed to start using the drops early Monday morning...

She just looked at me blankly. I asked if she could give me the prescription so that I could take it to another pharmacy? She said she didn't think she could really do that... About that time it occurred to me that Group Health has several other pharmacies in Spokane. I asked her if one of their other pharmacies might have the eye drops? She got very excited, said she would check and quickly came back to tell me that the Lidgerwood Pharmacy had some and that she would send the order over there.

I paid for the two kinds of drops they had at Riverfront and left just shaking my head. It was obvious the poor girl had no idea of how to problem-solve or to how to look for alternative solutions.

We went out north to the very busy Lidgerwood facility and picked up the third set of eye drops. We also stopped at Spokane Sleep Institute to see if perhaps they might have Forry's sleep study report done and signed. But, no one there knew anything about it. They said they'd leave a message for someone to call us on Monday to update us...

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