Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another Day, Another Eye

Evidently my cold had settled down enough that the doctor didn't think it was an issue and they went ahead and did my second cataract this morning. The second lens implant, the Toric lens, seems to have worked real well. It was so hot this afternoon, I could hardly wait until five o'clock when I could get the patch off. The sweat was running down my forehead underneath the patch and wasn't at all comfortable.

Forry stopped by the Spokane Sleep Institute on our way home this morning and picked up a copy of his sleep study report that the doctor FINALLY had dictated and signed. He got a call from a lady at Apria this afternoon who apologized for the long delay -- it's only been a month and a half! She promised she would expedite getting the insurance company okay and get this going. We shall see,,,

It's starting to get dark and it's still 89 degrees outside. I think this will be another night with the fans running.

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