Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Fifth of July

There has been almost total turnover in the sites near us at Peaceful Pines RV park. It seems that many folks did not have the day off yesterday, but are now here for the rest of the weekend. There seems to be a good crop of children running around the park area. We heard a couple of big bangs last night from fireworks, but it has been quiet tonight. Spokane County has quite a few billboards up all over proclaiming that "fireworks are illegal in Spokane County" and they have been pretty zealous in enforcing the ban the last few years.

There are once again a couple of tents over in the grassy area. If I were going camping in a tent, I think I'd look for a spot near a lake or stream. There is not even a pool at this campground and very little playground equipment. It may just be the attraction of sleeping outside?

We slept in this morning. It was already getting hot when we finally got up. It got hot enough later this afternoon to turn on the air conditioner for a while. The only problem is when the sun hits the power pedestal and heats it up, it kicks the power off. Forry has put up cardboard for shade and that seems to help.

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