Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Bit of Frustration and a Costco Trip

My frustration level got pretty high this afternoon. I've been a bit grumpy about deciding to miss the Mennonite Church USA's Executive Board meeting in Virginia, even though I heard today that they have gotten ten inches of snow! The Board Chair made arrangements for a speaker phone setup so that the five of us who were unable to make it could listen in to some of the board discussion and also give our input.

Unfortunately, there was so much static and excess noise that it was impossible to hear very well. Interestingly enough, the women's voices were actually clearer and easier to hear then those of the men. I was able to hear a portion of the discussion, but just enough to make me even more frustrated. I am trying very hard to remain very mellow about it all...

Later towards evening we made a Costco run. It was late enough for Forry to get his Polish dog, which of course, make him very happy. We also bought a walker with a seat. I am hoping that if Forry is able to use it as a place to rest when we go somewhere, he will be able to tolerate being on his feet longer. We shall see.

It was another absolutely beautiful day today. The breeze always comes for a couple of hours in the afternoon, then it is quiet again. I have to laugh at the woodpeckers. You can always tell when they are at the hummingbird feeder. The first one there calls out in that very sharp note of theirs until the other one of the pair shows up. It's like they are announcing their presence and telling the other it is time to feed.

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