Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two Raves and a Rant!

Our accountant emailed our 2014 Income Taxes to us yesterday. This morning I downloaded the document and signed the Form xxxx that was needed to in order for him to file it electronically. I scanned the signed form and emailed it back. I don't think we have ever gotten it done this early in the year! Must be a new record. It feels good to have both the ranch and our personal stuff done and out of the way for another year.

Had a chance to talk with out Son-in-law Todd this morning. They came home in Oregon from their 25th Anniversary trip to Guatemala to a problem with the sewer connection at their house. Just like our house in Spokane, they had a line clogged with tree roots (We had to have an annual standing appointment with the Roto Rooter guy to clean out our lines.) While Todd was getting his problem taken care of -- a new line -- he was also thinking about putting in an access port for Auntie Violet for when we park at their house. Such a sweetie he is!

 I've been spending some time on the phone with our home Credit Union with my ongoing issues with my debit and credit cards. I made the only purchase I've made all year at Target the week before the store had their credit card hacking problem. To make doubly sure my card wasn't compromised, the Credit Union went ahead and issued me a new one. Fine, I appreciate their caution. Then, like a dummy, I shredded the envelope the new debit card came in -- that also had the new PIN on it! So now I cannot use the card. I called the credit union last week and asked them to send me a new one. Of course, due to security concerns, they will not tell me the PIN over the phone, nor will they email it. I had assumed it would only take a couple of days to receive the new PIN in the mail, but it has been over a week.

Then yesterday afternoon, my credit card was rejected at the grocery store! (It's a good thing I had a different credit card that worked okay.) I got a automated call from the credit union's fraud division this morning to please call them. They had the nerve to tell me that the card was rejected as "the attempted charge was more than two hundred and fifty miles from our home address!" Now think about it. We have been full-time RVers for more than eight years and we have had a "frequent traveler" designation on our accounts for all of that time. During those years we have traveled to all of the lower 48 states without a problem. Now the lady wanted me to give her a list of where we might be traveling when we leave Arizona! She was a little concerned when I told her we might or might not be stopping in California as well as New Mexico, Colorado and Idaho. DARNED HACKERS ANYWAY! EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVEN'T MESSED WITH OUR ACCOUNTS, THEY ARE MAKING MY LIFE NOT FUN!!

We did make a quick trip to the Post Office in Fountain Hills to mail off the chain we found for Sister Sherry's Keiko San yesterday. I don't know if it will work for him or not, but we gave it a try.

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