Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Afternoon at the Arabian Show

We spent the afternoon out near Scottsdale at the National Arabian Horse Show that has been going on this past week. There is an incredible exhibit building that you go through on your way to see the horses. Our friends Dennis and Colleen have their Recycled Spoon booth there. Next to their booth is this incredible booth full of ride able toy horses called Pony Pal Stable. They have horses in several sizes and it is a most popular booth. They allow the kids to ride the horses --

As the rider pushes up and down on the foot pedals, the horse moves forward --

And if you turn the head, it turns as well --

They are guaranteed for riders up to 250 pounds! and come in several sizes!

The bay on the left is being shipped to Moses Lake on Monday. Dennis and Colleen and Forry and I bought it and are donating it to the Mennonite Country Auction (the first Saturday in October).

We mainly went to the show today to shop, but I did watch a couple of the classes. This is the winner of the two-wheeled cart driving class. This class was a delight to watch, especially at the accelerated trot.

This is one of the riders in the "Silver" class. The combined ages of the horse and the rider in this class had to add up to more then 70 years. They may have been oldsters, but they still had it!

The booths had to stay open tonight until seven. Dennis and Colleen closed up their booth and we headed for a nearby Irish Pub called the Skeptical Chymist. Colleen had noticed it on the way from their motel to the horse show, but it turned out to be the "Arizona Home for Seahawks Fans!" and was full of Seahawks memorabilia. The pub food was really good and we managed to finish our dinners before the band, which was setting up right next to our table, started playing!

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