Friday, February 14, 2014


A lovely start to Valentines Day from the Man in My Life --

This afternoon, we went to the National Arabian Horse Show at West World in Scottsdale. This "spare parts" horse and lion were sculptures at the entrance --


This is our friend Colleen at their booth, The Recycled Spoon, at the show --

A couple of the horses and riders in the Hunter Class for 18 and under --


This is a Western class for youngsters 5-9. They are only asked to walk and jog their horses. You couldn't ask for anyone more serious -- or cute!


We spent the rest of the afternoon in the South Barn watching the stallion classes. In this International competition, the class is brought in and shown and judged one animal at a time by six judges. Each is scored against a standard and their points are posted as each leaves the arena. Forry and I couldn't figure out the way they show the stallions. A whip with a rag on the end is used to get the animal to stretch out its head and neck,

We both thought it looked quite ungainly, but that's the way they showed all of the stallions from the two-year olds on up.

We went back and joined Dennis and Colleen as they closed up their booth for the night, then enjoyed dinner with them at Two Peaks. Although I think Dennis and Forry enjoyed the servers almost more then the meal...!

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