Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An Aborted Trip

We had planned to go to see the Sheep Bridge on the Verde River today. We packed up with some cans of soda, some energy bars, the binos and the bird books, the camera and the GPS with the updated maps. But, then Forry couldn't find the article he knew he had saved about how to get there. We know that it is many miles of dirt road...

The Arizona Republic runs an article every Sunday with a local car trip spot-lighted. Forry has a collection of these articles stacked over on the other side of his recliner as part of his "nest." He looked through all of them, I looked through all of them and couldn't find it. I looked Sheep Bridge up on the Internet and found all kinds of pictures, but not any directions about how to get there from the Phoenix area.

Finally Forry picked up our copy of Arizona Magazine and there was the article he was looking for! By now it was getting late, but we headed into town on our way to Carefree which would be the take-off point. We decided we had best stop to get gas -- it was a long way to go without a full tank. While he was filling the tank, Forry had second thoughts. It was already past noon. We finally decided that we would go to find Sheep Bridge another day when we would get an earlier start!

We got a call from Daughter Dawn this morning. She and Todd had gotten home at 1:30 AM this morning from their trip to Guatemala celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Sounds like they had a wonderful trip and the pictures we have seen so far are gorgeous! We glad they are home safely.

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