Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Little Domesticity...

We've been running around a lot lately, so things at home have been a bit neglected. Today we tried to catch up on a bit of them. First on the list was laundry! It's been almost two weeks since I have done any, so it was needed. Fortunately, although we had a light overcast with wispy clouds, the day was warm and everything dried quickly.

The lovely geraniums that we bought at Costco back in October were tilting in their pots. The biodegradable pots were doing exactly that. We brought them back to the canopy where I could use the little table to work. Forry actually had to take his knife to cut the bottoms off. The roots were pretty tightly grown into the pot and were definitely rootbound. He cut the root balls so that they could grow and I repotted the plants into the turquoise pots I had bought at Ace Hardware a couple of days ago. There is fertilizer mixed into the potting mix I bought, so the geraniums should be good for the rest of our stay.

By the time we had finished the re-potting, the rug in the canopy and the area around it was a mess. Forry ended up sweeping the whole thing while I watered the pots. The hummingbirds were NOT happy while all of this was going on! They would come swooping by our heads, chirpping their displeasure while going to the feeder which was a couple of feet away. I guess it is okay to sit quietly in our chairs at the back of the canopy and watch them, but we're not supposed to be up and about and in THEIR space!

I had bought a rack of spare ribs when we were at Safeway the other day. I had seen the Pioneer Woman talking on Facebook about making a marinate using Dr. Pepper. I thought I'd try the same thing only using Pepsi. It was actually pretty good, but if I were to do it again, I'd save back some of the marinade; boil it down to thicken it; then use it to baste the ribs along the way. I'd also add a bit more salt...

The other thing that needs doing to Auntie Violet is a thorough cleaning, especially of her woodwork. It needs to be washed down -- mainly in the kitchen and bathroom areas -- then re-oiled with Liquid Gold. It's a bit of work and I've been thinking about it for a while. May have to think about it a while longer.

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