Wednesday, February 26, 2014


California TV stations have been running an ad sponsored, I think, by the American Red Cross starring the cutest little African-American girl. She has the cutest, curliest long hair and a grin that doesn't quit. She's talking about what her family needs to be prepared for a disaster. She's so cute, you can't help but listen to the ad -- and think about being prepared.

When I was at the grocery store this afternoon, I picked up a small hand pencil sharpener and a package of a dozen #2 pencils. That would be the last of my preparations for our trip tomorrow to Peoria for the first Mariners game of the Cactus League season. Some of the teams actually played a game today and the Citrus League in Florida has already started.

It was warm today with mostly clear skies. There is a bank of clouds lying low over towards the north that may be part of the rainstorm that is being predicted for this weekend. I understand it has already started raining in parts of southern California.

When we stopped by the office this afternoon to pick up the box of mail forwarded by Daughter MM, both Sandy and Ron, the office staffers, were talking about their preparations for the summer. Evidently, once March is over, the RV Park empties out. It sounds like that's when they do any necessary upgrades and repairs.

Many times I think we spend so much time preparing as we spend actually doing. Hmm, I need to see if I'm prepared to think about that...

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