Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An Extra Day

What do you do with a day that you didn't plan on having? At least not at home. I had expected to be on a plane on my way to Dulles Airport in Washington, DC via a stop in Detroit. Due to the weather, and the expected weather, on the East Coast, I cancelled my flight. I am hearing on Facebook that others on the Board are having travel difficulties as well. The storm, ironically named Pax (Peace) looks to be a nasty one. Glad I am not back there.

Well, for one thing, we did sleep in. We had planned to be ready to leave by four am in order to be at the airport by five in the morning. I cannot complain about that at all.

Then, I got ahold of our friends, Dennis and Colleen. They were coming to Scottsdale today to set up their jewelry booth at the National Arabian Horse Show. They will be here for the ten day duration of the show, so we had planned to see them after I returned. But, this way we were able to get together for dinner tonight after they had gotten set up.

We had a $40 gift card from PF Changs from the last time we had eaten there when they had burned our meal -- and we waited an extra half hour while they redid it. So we figured that would make it a good place to eat. They have a new four-course meal (soup, appetizer, 2 main dishes and dessert) for two which we all ended up ordering. They have the best ever lettuce wraps!

The meal was not only delicious, but the conversation was even better. It is so good to be able to spend time with people from home that have known you for years. Dennis and Colleen are wintering in Tucson and attending shows using that as their base. They have been at some big shows this winter including Las Vegas and the Stock Show in Denver.

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