Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bits and Pieces

It was overcast all day today. Not low-hanging clouds, but just a high cover. It feels muggy and sultry and humidity is up to 20%.  As we watch the weather forecast, we can see a couple of large weather systems off of the coast of California. People there are battening down the hatches preparing for rain and flooding. The predictions are that we will get rain on Saturday or Sunday. We shall see.

It is sort of funny that just as the gorgeous weather we've had disappears, the Cactus League ball games start! We have tickets for the first game of the Mariners this Thursday with the Padres. I am really looking forward to seeing the newly remodeled facility in Peoria that they've put so much money into this past winter.

The desert is starting to look more colorful. There is no doubt that Myother Nature loves the color yellow. All of the Brittlebush along the roadsides is beginning to bloom giving us balls of yellow. Here and there, I have spotted the yellow orange of Mallow plants along the road.

Sister Sherry's mastiff, Keiko San, traded first places this week in Albany with a dog flown in from Alabama. (He gets two first-class seats right behind the bulkhead and his handler gets the third seat.) Keiko won Best of Breed two days and the Alabama dog won BOB the other two days.

We actually had two hummingbirds peacefully drinking together at the feeder today. I think one may have been a female! I think what we've had to this point have just been males -- who angrily chase each other away.

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