Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Monday

Today was another absolutely gorgeous day. It continues to be warm and sunny. It stayed so warm late enough last night that I had to open the bedroom window in order to sleep. It's been a while since I've wanted to do that.

I spent three hours today with the large ftp file that was sent for the Executive Board meeting that starts in Virginia on Thursday. It took a while to download the file; then it had to be unzipped; then I could take a look at the 27 separate files that were in the large file. They were all in PDF format and in order for all of them to be uploaded to Dropbox, I had to open each individually and upload them. (I need them to be in Dropbox so that I can have them on my iPad). My iPad doesn't have the ability to unzip files, so I did them on my laptop first.

I guess I could purchase the program for the iPad to unzip the files, but this method works -- it just takes time and patience, both of which I should have plenty of! My iPad is so much lighter than my laptop, so it's what I'll pack and take with me.

Today was laundry day. It went very quickly as it was not only warm outside, but there was a nice breeze. Each load of laundry was dry before I brought the next one out.

We went for a walk/ride today and stopped at the office. I was a bit surprised to find the Valentine package I had ordered for Forry was here. I thought I had specified that it shouldn't be sent until the tenth... I guess I'll just have to stash it in the closet and tell him where to look for it while I'm in Virginia.

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