Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Quiet Day at Home

I was up early for another conference call hook-up with the Executive Board meeting going on in Virginia. It was a better connection this time and I was able to hear most of the discussion. It's still very frustrating not being there.

It was warm enough yesterday that Phoenix broke their record for the day. It got warm here fairly early today. By noon, it was already 82 degrees and added a couple more degrees by late afternoon. I soaked the two pots of geraniums we have in front of Auntie Violet. I had been watering them every three days, but now I think it is an every day job for a while. My Valentine flowers aren't enjoying the heat either -- I think they much preferred the refrigerated cooler they had been in at the store.

The Gila woodpeckers were at the feeder early -- they were already at it when I got up. By this evening, and many visits by the hummingbirds, the feeder was empty. I waited until after dark and then washed, cleaned and refilled it. It'll be ready for those early birds tomorrow.

Sister Sherry and I  talked on the telephone for almost an hour. She is looking for a particular kind of chain links to make a collar for Keiko San. Sherry is pretty excited about going to Albany, Oregon next week with her friend Kathy for the big dog show there. Keiko is working on getting his Grand Champion points.

I had bought a couple of Dungeness crabs when we were at Costco earlier this week. I intended to fix them for our Valentine's dinner, but we ended up eating with Dennis and Colleen last night. (Forry is still talking about the attire of the servers -- they were celebrating Lingerie Week. If you are curious, check the Twin Peaks website...) It was so nice outside that I thought we could eat out there. It was very pleasant, but in these desert mountains there is no twilight. The sun sets, and it's DARK. I brought the last of the crab into the house so that I could pick the leftovers to make crab omelets for breakfast.

I checked on the saguaro where I had seen the Roadrunners making their nest, but didn't see any sign of them. I hope they didn't change their minds and decide to build somewhere else.

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