Friday, February 28, 2014

Waiting for the Rain

It's been dreadfully muggy all day. The day started out clear with wisps of clouds, then gradually it has gotten cloudier and cloudier. The forecast was predicting that we would have rain by 4 pm, but it is after seven now and it still has not yet come. We have been watching what the forecasters on the California TV stations call a "powerful" storm, the first portion of which has already dumped up to six inches of rain in southern California.

The winds has gradually been coming up and getting gustier. Forry brought the large awning in an hour or so ago as it was flopping pretty good. (Supposedly, the awning has a sensor that is should bring it in automatically if the wind gets too strong, but we've never seen it happen...). Now, the local forecast is talking about thunderstorms during the night, about 1 am or so.

We were tired today after our long day yesterday, so didn't do much. I believed the weather forecast and thought it would be cool this evening and made a pot of beef stew that I served with biscuits. It was still 78 degrees by dinner-time, so it was a bit warm for a hot meal.

The pictures of the storm in California are scary. Because many of the mountains are bare due to last summer's fires, there have been major slides and rivers of mud and water flowing through valley communities. Many people have been evacuated. One man interviewed said he had been evacuated for the fires and now he was having to leave because of water. You can't help but feel bad for them.

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