Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gotta Love That Jello!

As you all know, RVers like to say that their plans are like Jello; hard to pin down and always subject to change! Today was the second day in a row that we started out to do one thing and ended up doing another. We have tickets for bleacher seats for the finals at the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale on Sunday, but we wanted to visit the show one more time before that in order to check out the Shopping Expo portion of it.

Our friends Colleen and Dennis, who have their jewelry booth at the show, had told us they had a couple of guest passes that they would give us. We just had to let them know and they'd bring them out to us. Well, I sent Colleen a text message giving her a "heads-up" that we were thinking about coming out today. She sent me a message back saying they had some other friends also coming today with whom they had made dinner plans. We decided that since we had some other stuff to do, it would be easier to go to the show another day this week (it's a ten-day show).

Forry got his early afternoon nap in, then we headed into Phoenix to the closest Bed, Bath and Beyond. The original idea was to get refills for our bathroom foam soap dispenser. (Made by Method, the dispensers are refillable, but it's hard to find the refills!) I also had ulterior motives. We have had the same towels since we started full-time RVing over 8 years ago. Not only are they getting quite thread-bare, but I am very tired of them! I deliberately only bought two towels apiece for each of us so that I wouldn't have to live with the same ones forever.

I did find some really nice towels. I got a brown and light turquoise bath sheet for Forry and a couple of smaller turquoise bath towels for me (one for my hair) and a couple of the striped hand towels as well. Added to my haul, I also bought a little metal basket to put all of my "junk" that I keep by the couch where I sit -- nail file, clippers, pen, notepad, polish, etc.

Next we found an ACE hardware store and bought some flat chain for Sister Sherry. She was looking for something a little bigger than what she had been able to find at the dog shows. Keiko San is such a large dog -- and still growing -- that the regular chain collars look flimsy on him. We bought her four feet of chain, which is more than she needs, but we thought she'd be able to have it cut to the right size. While we were there we bought a couple of cheap plastic pots for my geraniums out front. The biodegradable pots they came in are doing just that and are falling apart. Of course, that meant we had to buy some potting mix for re-potting them as well. We also found a reflective cover for the front windshield. In the rather warm weather we are having, that front seat and the steering wheel get almost too hot to touch!

One last stop at Safeway in Fountain Hills and we were able to head home. By the time we got everything inside and put away, it was past time for supper. I put some artichoke and some mushroom raviolis in a pot of water, heated up some artichoke spaghetti sauce in the microwave and we were good.


  1. That's funny - after using the same towels for nearly 18 years, we also got some new ones a couple of days ago. We got red, black and beige, to match our red and black plaid bedspread. I'm so happy! It makes a difference to have new, pretty furnishings.

  2. Actually, it was MY new bedspread that got me inspired to look for new towels! So funny!