Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Little Energy

We have both been fighting coughs and runny noses. Forry was insisting it was just allergies, but from the sound of our hoarse voices, I think we've moved beyond that. It might explain a bit of the lethargy around here the past couple of days.

We did get ambitious enough to go to the O'Reilly's Auto Shop just up a mile or so on Shea Boulevard. Forry wanted to get some degreaser to take some oil stains off of the asphalt where Toad II is parked. There's a bit of a shopping area there with a Target and a Frys Grocery, but more than half of the storefronts are empty.

There was a Starbucks there however. It was hot outside and frappacinos sounded good. I saw their poster for their new strawberry with white chocolate frappacino and it looked good, so that's what I ordered instead of our usual mocha (Forry) and my caramel. They looked a lot better in the picture than they tasted. We both thought they were pretty bland - but that could very well be the colds...

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