Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Girl Time

It as nice to get up this morning and find Forry well again. He was out walking way down to the end of the fence and back, then brought in the rest of my Costco stuff from the car. This was good to see as we are planning a trip to ride the Verde Valley Railway tomorrow.

Dennis and Colleen moved their trailer to a different site today. Evidently, someone had reserved the site they were in by the fence for the month of March. They stopped by for a visit after they got resituated. Colleen and I made plans to run into town this afternoon. She had some containers to return to Costco (they were too tall).

We left for town about two-thirty. Our first stop was at a Walmart Super Store. I have not been inside of a Walmart for many years. This one was actually quite clean and uncrowded and I found some nice t-shirts. From there we went to the Costco over on Hayden. While Colleen was returning the containers, I got some Pepsi and Ice for Forry. Our last stop was at a Staples so that Colleen could pick up some tags and other office supplies.

It was nice to just spend some girl time. When you are with your spouse 24/7, it is nice sometimes to just have a breather...

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