Friday, March 11, 2016

Thank You, Facebook!

Thanks to a connection we made on Facebook, we had some lovely company today. Carole sent me a note on Messenger a couple of weeks ago and I connected with her and Verne on Facebook. Not only that, they were coming to Scottsdale from their winter home in Green Valley for the weekend. And, they were going to stop by to see us!

It's been many years since I have seen them. I'm sure it was before I retired. I'm sure that we have seen them - but maybe not together - since their wedding at the church nestled in downtown Olympia. I have some wonderful rural health memories with Verne who was one of our group of folks who changed the landscape of rural health so many years ago. We used to chuckle when we'd get together for dinner in DC or Kansas City or wherever conferences would take us, that we never had time in Washington State to just talk.

After running a couple of errands in Scottsdale, Verne and Carole drove on out here to Eagle View RV Resort to see where we were staying. We had a lovely visit!

It was hot again today, but we had a layer of clouds. I'm sure they're from that storm that's been causing rain in California.

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